IPO Marathon end date and plans afterwards.

  • Anyone like to hazard a guess as to when all of the players are likely to be on FI.

    Working off a rough squad size of 23 and then shaving off a load of teams that will drop out of the Champions and Europa Leagues within the next 3 weeks MINUS the players already in (not taking into account the well known youth players that we see coming in) I worked it out to 45 days. Which is 9 working weeks so middle of January?

    Then how will they implement the January purchases from the 4 corners of the globe? Add to that 15 promoted teams each year.

    Thoughts people? Especially if anyone has heard anything official.

  • I don't think there's an end date, there's obviously this first wave of players as FI try to get the majority of the players from the top 5 leagues which will probably take us to the new year, as you say. Then I think they're gonna just go off social media to see what players people want on the platform (they've hinted already that this will be the case but haven't fleshed it out with any details). And so I think we'll just see a steady stream of maybe 1 or 2 players added a week. They've got the rule that if a player doesn't play for a year then they're removed so this somewhat keeps a cap on things but apart from that I think the'll just continually update the player pool

  • Wonder if they'll revert back to IPO Fridays for the 1's and 2's then. That would be pretty good.

  • Question, where can I find new IPO on the app? I have tried to find lopes and banega today before they increased but as soon as they appeared we’re higher than the IPO?

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