Josh Da Silva - steady growth?

  • With the growth of young English prospects why is Josh Da Silva still under £1? Could be the next one to fly? What am I missing? May be rotated into the Arsenal team in the next couple of years?

  • Think he might be at Brentford now, but there is definitely potential for growth, still very cheap, he’s young and English the two key ingredients on football index at the minute. Just look at tashan Oakley boothe, another one still cheap and he has had a good few days on the rise.

  • Agreed, seems cheap for 51p. Been as high as 66p, expect to see him recover in the next few weeks

  • @NewUser55845 Yeah he plays for Brentford. I held him for ages and then sold up. Depends how long you want to sit on potential. I've done it for far too long. Decided to buy when players are on the up now. Comes at a premium price more often than not but I'm too impatient to wait. Having said that it's good to have a mix in your portfolio.

  • @NewUser77681 i did ok on Tashan Oakley went from 75p to £1.10 in a couple of days. There is another young talented Arsenal player. Sheaf at 50p.

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