Start of the season..

  • Hi Guy's,

    Just wanted a couple questions cleared up if you may be so bold!

    When the season starts obviously the transfer news will die to death so then how does the index work from that point onwards till say January?

    Secondly, Im a little confused with the buzz news stuff for instance I get told from my buddy who's doing this stay away from Defender/goal keepers etc.

    However John Terry won the Buzz this week but his price was poor so little confused with that, if you could explain?

    Thanks in advance.

  • The transfer rumours will die down but once the season starts the general focus of the news is on player performances in matches or stories relating to big games coming up etc - there is always footy news!

    Up to this point on the Index the market prices have been based essentially on which premier league player was getting the most attention from the press. Strikers tend to get all the glory and so the top of the Index tended to be the the top premier league goalscorers. On that basis goalkeepers and defenders werent as popular with traders as they are less likely to win a media buzz.

    However, with the introduction of the performance buzz (details released tonight) though the Index will also have a focus on how good a player actually is rather than how much news they generate. This could mean that Defenders and Goalkeepers are more valuable as the performance buzz may be based on clean sheets etc.

    With regards to Terry, before the transfer was confirmed his price was in excess of £1 I believe because he was in the news re his potential transfer. On the day of the transfer or perhaps the next day after a buzz win is paid, alot of traders tend to offload because they believe Terry is now not likely to be making many more headlines playing out of the limelight in the Championship. He is also not a current England player. The performance buzz the Index bring in may make him more valuable again but again a championship player, and being 36, is going to make him a risky hold.

  • @Plasticryan Thank you very informative, so just one question more how long must you hold a player to get a buzz win or how many futures to get a buzz win/prize.

  • Currently you need to have held a player for 24 hours to be eligible for a buzz win but I understand this is time-frame is under review. The buzz divided is paid out per share so currently 1st place in the media buzz pays out 8p per share. 100 shares in a player who finishes 1st at the moment would win a £8 in buzz dividend. Anything other info or advice just ask, happy to help!

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