Goalkeepers, what's the point?

  • There seems to be a bias against goalkeepers that doesn't make them attractive to buy into, so why have them.
    World class goalkeepers
    Alisson - £1.76
    Ederson - £1.35
    Oblak- £1.28
    De Gea - £1.23

    And so it goes, what's the point?

  • I think and hope FI introduces a PB category for goal keepers in the future. Otherwise I can't see why you would want to hold them.

  • There was supposedly no point in them for a long time until i made my best ever returns on here when they got a clean sheet dividend. Agatello made over £8000. Id sold all that evening after the announcement. Huge drops because lets be fair, the clean sheet div isnt worth it. I do however believe them to be part of a dividend rise some time after the share split by getting their own pb category finally, makes alot of sense, even if it was a 2p, 3p,4p pb dividend aswell as obvious rise across the board. Not buying back yet but i will in time

  • @Finlay77 yeah it makes sense for them to have their own category and should be implemented around share split.

  • Only for In Play dividends really. Buy a cheap one (70p or less), pick up a few clean sheet dividends and then try to sell near the end of the 30 day period.

    Not the most exciting strategy, but profitable when timed properly.

  • @ocs123 timed properly as in after they got a clean sheet! I wouldnt mind doing that if i planned to hold, buy shares and get small dividend every time you buy. Do it for goals too. Flipping for these in plays is a dangerous game.

  • David de Gea got 180 pts yesterday was clearly the best player on the pitch at Wembley has earned rave reviews globally for his performance and he was beaten by Damien da Silva for PB as he scored for Rennes against Nantes all be it as they won a fiesty derby game away from home.. Seems unfair that the only thing De Gea could have done to get to 200 points would have been score himself!!!

    I've been saying for a while GK needs a PB category and not just for selfish reasons (i hold one GK and have around 60/70 players in my portfolio), but because FI are missing a trick too... Why have worthless individuals clogging up the market when you can have these top goalkeepers picking up dividends thus driving their own prices up through more and more people buying their futures? De Gea could easily be £10+ which i'm sure is what FI want if he had the potential to win dividends!!!!

    Maybe now is not the right time whilst FI is seeing some heavy investment regardless but after the share split and once the market settles down its certainly the next step FI MUST do to spread interest across the market completely.

    Otherwise as said above... they may as well get rid of the whole category because they are described by many an experienced trader on here as completely worthless and that's not necessarily good for FI.

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