The wise crowd

  • I remember reading on here someone mentioning that as time goes on and more traders join the index, players will become more true to their actual value due to the effect of the wise crowd. Therefore there will be less profit opportunity when looking for currently under-valued players.
    I could be wrong but surely an increase in traders and money in the index would just increase player prices at a similar proportion than they are at the moment. And assuming the newer traders are less knowledgable on correct player values maybe even further expose under-valued players? Can anyone shed some light? Cheers

  • @NewUser51449 whilst lots of new traders are coming in you will still see erratic, silly buying. Ppl will only need to sharpen up their trading once the fast growth starts to slow. This may be next year, 5 years, 10 years- who knows. Depends how many new countries FI expand into. And how mainstream FI becomes.

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