Myron Boadu

  • Do your research, and thank me later. Because if you didn’t know then now you know.

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    Was this you? ;)

    Because it looks to me like he last played for AZ Alkmaar in September. Two career goals.

    I’m a big supporter of youth buys but this is a weird time to pump Boadu.

  • Was a bump that high me? Wish I had that much spare cash 😂. Actually Boadu is a ridiculously talented wonderkid” , 17years old who was playing in the first team of AZ. He had played 5 games with three goals and two assists before a bad injury. He is due back after the winter break which is next week.
    I’ve only ever spoke highly of three players, Rashford who we all know about. Alphonso Davis who’s price has gone up over a £1 without playing a game for Munich and now this guy. I try not to share useless information. But thanks equally for the response.

  • Broke his ankle in September, back in full training last couple of weeks. Bright future this kid

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