Youri Tielemans anyone?

  • PB midfielder win...happy days :-)....anyone else holding any Youri futures?

    More importantly anyone holding any El Ghazi futures for PB Forward and Star Player??

  • Had him and sold him a few weeks ago.

    As for El Ghazi, it'll be interesting to see if this is the new norm or the occasional outsider victory!

  • @Agatello I'm interest in him too that was a very good PB for someone who didn't score. Going to properly look into his stats to see if he can do this on a regular basis or if this was a fluke. I can't remember him being that outstanding when I looked at him when he IPO'D but I may have missed something.

  • Youri is a stud.

  • I’m holding Jorge who got the defensive PB he’s been a class act this season as Mendy’s replacement at LB for Monaco

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