Am I doing right

  • Been on7 weeks now only a small investment 200 quid currently 14% up £2 in dividends but got 25 players and only 1 or 2 shares in each got a share in salah pogba mbappe rashford sancho their the main ones then young players is this a good way when u have small funds

  • @Jw79 pretty good holds. Best to have a mix of proven dividend returners (like Pogba, Salah, Messi etc) and some steady eddies who return reasonable dividends but don’t cost the bank, like thorgan hazard, firmino, alacantara (all around the £4-£5 mark and returned about 40p per share this season) And then some young cheap up and coming talent. But do your own research, study it’s free and shows you who is returning what dividends. And have a varied portfolio. You haven’t put all your money in just 1-2 players which is good. They could break a leg tomorrow.
    And don’t panic buy or sell. You will be in the red many times, but if you’d waited a few weeks/months they nearly always go green. Unless of course they are at the end of their career and in terminal decline. This May be the case for someone like Bale, ronaldo, Alexi Sanchez (bale might move back to premier league where he would get a price boost)
    Basically start small, learn how it works and then invest more when you feel more confident.

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