Market crashing😕

  • crash gonna markets this when to as thoughts any have anyone Does


  • It keeps posting my original messages backwards for some reason , but going on form we are due the worst very soon, presumably it s gonna be after IPO s if at all , I hope anyway. Anyone else got any thoughts?, cheers

  • Why do you think it will crash?

    Not saying it won't...

  • How come the heading doesn't say "Crashing market"?

    How come the follow up message isn't backwards as well?

    Questions many so


  • I'm pretty new so might be talking rubbish but I would think there are a couple of reasons for peaks and troughs at the moment.

    1. new sign ups pumping up to £500 risk free and then some of them requesting a refund within the 7 days

    2. IPOs not working out e.g I bought Ronny Lopes futures last Thursday but after he was hooked at half time Friday night having gone up 6-7p everyone bailed out and he ended up a big negative by yesterday afternoon. Wanted to instant sell for money back but it was suspended and by the time it was available he had tanked 10p

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