• Any ideas why he has shit up 15p in an hour having been pretty steady before? Can’t find any news on him and Genoa not playing tonight

  • from Sky Sports Transfer page … Krzysztof Piatek, the highly-rated 23-year-old striker at Genoa, is set to join Real Madrid, according to Cadena Ser.

    Piatek has been a Barcelona and Chelsea transfer target but, as long as Madrid pay the right price, they will get him, states the report.

  • Awesome, thanks! Would make some sense with Benzema taken off injured at half time last night. He could be amazing there aswell

  • Real Links are hotting up.

  • I hold Benzema and Piatek so not really sure whether I want this transfer or not. Bit of speculation always nice though :)

  • So apparently Real are scouting him at a training camp currently, and there’s noise of a loan and future transfer. Barca and Chelsea have been linked with him previously too so expect a few column inches over the next few days.

  • This could easily just be an agent stirring to get attention for his player. It’s not on marca and they are a big madrid tabloid.
    Are we really expected to believe Madrid want yet another young player and if they sign him that surely is curtains for any big signing in the summer.
    I dont believe it.
    It’s all very good making some cash on the media and hype but look to get out quick if this turns out to be complete rubbish.
    Very easily to lose money on ‘links’.

  • @Thatguy said in Piatek:

    Any ideas why he has shit up 15p in an hour

    Bad money curry?

  • I read about the RM scouts at the Genoa friendly too, the latest club who seem to be reportedly sniffing around is AC Milan, originally Genoa said nobody would be sold over Winter but surely they wouldn't resist the big payout for him, seems likely to move sooner or later?

  • @NewUser171358 sources in poland are saying that he will go if not real then milan is an option if they sell higuain to Chelsea

  • @NewUser171358 he's a good finisher which is what Real and Chelsea both need. Benzema won't go on forever, and he went off injured last game. With their team in transition I can see them making a move before long.
    The Chelsea striker hunt is on, and they've been linked with almost every striker in Europe in the last week or so but this connection was made in early December so has more weight to it. Let's be honest, Genoa aren't in a position to say no to the money either club can throw their way, and are probably just positioning themselves to get maximum dollar for him.

  • @NewUser162422 Juve still own him don't they?

  • @Misto Juve owns Higuain, but the flag is on Milan's hand now as Milan and Juve have agreed a season loan deal with an option to buy in this summer.

  • Rumors are hotting up now, but i'm yet to see a credible source from any where.

  • I sold up last night, feeling I might regret it but hoping Cengiz Under is next guy to get a transfer related big rise

  • @Misto his agents are in mediolan...

  • @NewUser162422 but says who? The only stories I'm finding are from trash sources. I hope he goes I hold a fair bit of Piatek from the IPO still.

  • If he moves who do people think would be better for him from a FI point of view. Real or AC?

  • @Misto polish sources

  • @NewUser162422 Which ones? I have no idea what Polish news outlets and journalists are reputable in Poland. Would be interested in finding out.

    Best sources I know of at the moment for Italy that are reporting this are:


    "First openings from Genoa for a possible negotiation that could lead the Polish forward to the Rossoneri. The general manager rossoblù Perinetti: "We would not want to sell it in January, if Milan wants it, it should formulate an important offer and not tied to strange formulas""


    with is https://twitter.com/DiMarzio website - freelance but works with sky Italia.

    "From words to facts. The Milan wants Piatek and instigated the first real contact with Genoa for it, with preliminary meetings. The Rossoneri company is deciding the type of offer to advance to convince Preziosi, who has often reiterated his intention not to sell the Polish striker in January.

    It takes an offer of at least 40 million to convince the company rossoblù: Milan reflects to understand if and how to formulate the economic proposal. The Rossoneri company is protecting itself in the event that Higuain should leave as early as January. For the Argentine, Chelsea pushed to have him on loan at the same conditions as the Rossoneri club. Milan then looks around and has identified in Piatek a possible substitute for Pipita."

    There of course a lot more people reporting it, but they are all junk level outlets.

    I do think there is something here, but I'm looking for me than hearsay before I add to my Piatek holding.

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