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  • Hi All,

    I have been looking at trading on FI for a few weeks now and think i am about to take the plunge . Im just looking for a couple more questions answered from people already using FI. So if you can help that would be great:

    1 - Where can i find how much and how many PB/MB dividends has received in the past?
    2 - Are there tools available to help with the research of players? and what do you look for when looking into buying shares of a player?
    3 - Looking to get in on a few players to begin with and then when the share split comes around topping them players up (for eg... maybe buying a few Rashfords to start and then increasing my shares in him)? What do you guys think?
    4 - I'm looking to build a spreadsheet to keep track of all my trades/profits/losses etc... What sort of criteria do you think is important to track?

    And just out of interest what sort of strategies do you guys follow?

    Thanks for your time and i appreciate the help

  • Firstly, hello Tom 👋🏻 You have the right idea, you want to research and read up on FI and how it works first before putting in any significant money. is free and shows you who won what dividends. Study that. For more in depth analysis there is index edge £5 per month or Noirx £2.
    Listen to the Football Index podcast. Read the forums. After a while u will got a feel for what various players should cost, and if they are under or priced. Compare them to other players in the same position to get that price comparison. Strikers and attacking midfielders generally have a higher ceiling price then holding midfielders like Kante and modric, who are £2 mark. Defenders rarely get beyond about £4. Whereas an attacking mid fielder or striker can go upwards of £19 (Neymar) It’s based on dividend return.
    Don’t panic buy or sell. You will be in the red for many months at a time but stick with it if you feel the player still has growth. But if they are old and in terminal decline bite the bullet and sell. Have a varied portfolio of proven dividend returners and young, cheap and up and coming talent. Research on the net about who are the next superstars in world football and look into them. Watch football (easy😄) and enjoy. Start small and invest more as you learn the ropes. Good luck.

  • @NewUser78596 email me at and i will send you a free sample of my £2 a month data product. Should have everything you are after.

  • @NewUser78596 also have a look at my youtube channel talks about how i use data to identify players to buy.

  • @misto has just written a very good post called all thing Football index. Read that- it’s a goldmine. 😉

  • @NewUser78596 We can save you the trouble of creating a spreadsheet! We have one free to download that covers everything - your portfolio, ROI, monthly analysis, Media and Performance Buzz winners, Trades and a dedicated section for keeping track of in-play dividends and your player's eligibility!

    You'll need to create a free account on our website first, but once done the updated user guide can be found at the following link:

    Hope that helps :)

  • And ignore the trending page. Crap players in crap leagues that ppl pump the price then dump the shares burning a lot of inexperienced traders. 😉🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @Valhalla Thank you for your replies. Some good information and I will definitely take a look at Noirx4 and Footyindexscout.

  • Thanks @Noirx4 . I will definitely take a look at your youtube channel and ill drop my details later regard the free sample

  • @FootyIndexScout Thanks for the reply. i will be signing up for the account later today.

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