My Portfolio - Honest assessment please?

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  • I like it, lots of future stars and good PB chances. I picked up Dembele at a similar price to yourself.

    Only ones I maybe wouldn't have done is Thorgan Hazard just because he is at his current peak price and I actually don't know too much about him I'm ashamed to say. Paqueta just because Milan look dreadful when I watch them so he has a big job on his hands to turn that mess around. Mendy just because he is too injury prone.

    Good portfolio though,I'd be very happy if I was you

  • @Static The reason why I picked hazard is his stats this season

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  • Dembele is a very good buy. He has countless links with many teams this year and he could potentially move so that will increase the value of his price.

  • & I donโ€™t know about Mendy he may get a long term injury tbh.

  • When did you join John? Nice to see just one red in a sea of green ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  • @John-D decent choices there mate. Personally think hazard is a good buy. Font hold any myself but he's started getting some great buzz scores. He's at club where he's likely to move sooner or later which will slow room for growth through transfer rumours. Brother of Eden which will mean more media stories comparing the 2 etc.

    All in all not bad.

  • @John-D thorgan Hazard is worth every penny. Returning 44p divs this season. All from PB. For his price, he is a PB monster and almost in the top ten dividend returners this season.

  • @John-D overall you have a good crop there ๐Ÿ˜‰lots of green shoots

  • @ScouseSte Just over a week ago

  • @John-D said in My Portfolio - Honest assessment please?:

    @ScouseSte Just over a week ago

    Nice start mate ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
    I started in September with ยฃ300 invested in around 7 players,
    but I have now invested a total of ยฃ1650, holding no more than 11 players at any one time.
    Slightly more risky than less shares in more players but the rewards can be greater. Everyone has their own strategy though.
    Good luck

  • @NewUser239671 I agree with that. Mendy is the one I will get rid of.

  • Nice portfolio there mate i especially like jovic the striker on loan at Frankfurt from benfica , did you upload your picture by laptop mate , when I try on my phone it just kicks me back to the forum news page on the app ? @John-D

  • You've done a brave thing putting your portfolio up for people's thoughts! Offering the below in a constructive spirit. Hope it helps :)

    I would say you have a high risk portfolio. The index moves in cycles. Sometimes defenders go up, sometimes they go down, sometimes Bundesliga players go up, sometimes they go down. The same is true of young unproven players, which you have a lot of. To me it feels like young players have been rising disproportionately over the last few months - pretty much since Mbappe went stratospheric last summer. Given most of these players, including Mbappe, have returned very few dividends so far, and very few will achieve anything like what Mbappe already has, I would consider this a very risky strategy. Most young players do not make it. I think there will come a point when traders realise this, and owners of young players will lose a lot of money.

    No need to abandon this strategy entirely - certainly not purely on my advice! But I would advise at the very least diversifying to spread risk. Players like Thorgan Hazard are perfect for this. Strong baseline stats, strong PB returns, heading towards the prime of his career, with the likelihood of a big transfer happening at some point. Incidentally I don't currently own Hazard, although I would consider doing so again. Thauvin (who I do own) is a player in a similar bracket, for example.

    I would also advise buying some cheaper players in the ยฃ1-2 range. Most of your players are on the high or medium price side, which is similarly risky for lack of diversity reasons as having mostly young unproven players, and more expensive players have been rising a lot recently, in anticipation of the share split. They won't rise forever - remember the cheaper players will look even cheaper too!

    That said, you might be happy with a risky approach. We all have different risk tolerances. Just don't be surprised if a lot of your players go down around the same time at some point. High risk strategies are best as long term strategies for this reason. If you don't expect to have to sell to take the money out at any point it could still work for you.

    Mostly, though, thanks for putting your portfolio up for criticism! I hope it encourages our newer members to do the same :)

  • Just to be clear I wasn't saying Thorgan Hazard is a bad investment, I was saying that I personally don't know enough about him to part with my money. You have obviously done your research on him so I'm sure it's a great buy as the rest of the portfolio is

  • looks sensible set of players!

  • Looks good to me. Keep hold of Paqueta, just a matter of when he booms again. May need a little patience while he settles in but one good game and he'll be flying.

  • @Willie-Mink Appreciate your thoughts. I didn't think it was too risky. I'm pretty confident the likes of brewster/Rodrygo/Foden will make it, whether its at their current clubs. Havertz/Jovic/Gnabry/Haller/Hazard are having great seasons. Everything has an element of risk any of the top established players could have serious injuries or completely fall by the wayside, seen that happen before.

  • @NewUser29017 i uploaded it on my imac.

  • @Willie-Mink and I have Jesus ๐Ÿ˜

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