New portfolio more futures in less players or less futures in more players

  • Hi guys I’m relatively new to FI and wondered weather you think it’s best early on to invest say 200 pound over 20 players and obviously not having that many futures in each or distribute it like I have with 100 pound going on J.Sancho 50 on koubalily and 50 on Aouar from Lyon , this way I have more futures in each which I think benefits me when the split comes into play and also for more winnings on dividends would you say that’s the correct way to go or to build up slowly in more players thanks

  • It would be best to have 200 pound over 20 players. So if one player decreased in value it would not have that much of an impact to you rather than having all your eggs in one basket and losing out from the depreciation in a specific player.

  • Personally I would buy more futures in players around the £3 Mark. Pogba, neymar, Sancho etc will probably grow more after the split but how many can you get?

  • Yeah that makes sense I think il leave them as my main ones for the moment and then on next payday deposit another 200 and go of your advice that way il have a decent portfolio building and more futures in them 3 cheers @NewUser239671

  • Yeah that’s what I will do from now on just wanted them 3 as my main ones in build my portfolio out from now , exactly mate I’m not to sure on how the split works but if they 1/4 it my 10 futures at say a 10er will become 40 at around 2.50 , then I’ve gotta hope he shoots back up to that price cheers @Stevo

  • @NewUser29017 I've just put a post on showing my portfolio based on £250 deposit, have a look, see if it helps.

  • Cheers mate il check it out now @John-D

  • @NewUser29017 how high or wide you stack them i always say depends on if you are more an investor or gambler.

    Generally an investor likes to see regular income it doesnt matter if its small amounts so long as it keeps coming in this case you want a few shares in many players.

    A gambler doesnt mind waiting for a win so long as its a big one. In this case you want a lot of shares in a few players.

  • Since reducing the number of shares in the players I held, thus expanding my portfolio to 65 players, I have seen a daily increase in my portfolio value. It also took me several months to get to this point so my advice is be patient and spread your wings

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