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  • There is quite a bit of speculation about Timo Werner moving on either this month or in the summer. Does anyone watch the German league enough to know if Cunha or Jean-Kevin Augustin are good enough to step up and fill his shoes ? Or do we think that they will be looking elsewhere ? I do hold J-K and was wondering if he is good enough to make the break through

  • Topped up on Cunha just in case. Young & unproven, but passes my eye test :)

  • I like Augustin and have held since last year... strong, powerful, quick and direct he has all those natural ingredients to be a top striker. Cunha is a little more intricate and tricky as you can imagine coming from Brazil, likes to pick the ball up deeper and run at players, I rate him highly. You forget he's only 19 (2 years younger than Richarlison) and is already having big impacts on the games he plays.

    I like RBL players a lot in general... the Red Bull franchise for me is similar to that of Ajax that they keep rolling off high quality youngsters which is great for us as investors as they have a number in their teams that you look at and want to purchase which is also good for FI... I wouldn't hesitate on getting on the majority of their squad!!!

  • @Boing-Boing I love the Bundesliga and I'm pretty certain Augustin was bought to eventually replace werner. but also just keep your eye out for a player under 24 currently not ripping up trees somewhere in the Bundesliga that rb will snap up develop and be the next werner to make them millions. after all, werner was a no one striker toiling in the top flight when they originally bought him

  • Augustin is capable of replacing werner for sure, as stated above its worth while watching all of the youngsters to come through leipzig... upamacano has got every attribute to be a top top defender but as with all youngsters, they need to be playing regular and learning so leipzig is ideal for these youngsters to learn before getting the big moves!!

  • thanks all, I will take it all onboard. I will keep my J-K fortunes and probably go with Cunha too as they both appear to be destined for better things. I will also look deeper into the rest of their squad

  • Yussef Poulsen is who you need to be looking at. Has played 17 games and scored 8 goals which is a decent return and is currently only 1.44.

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