Profits halved

  • Just wondered if anyone else has experienced rapid player value decline over the last 24hrs?
    I’ve literally seen my portfolio profits halved with players having played well/scored etc yesterday. I have a decent player spread and see no obvious reason for this trend dip

  • Just got to ride it out and not panic if you believe in the players you have, always happens to me every weekend and probably a lot of others. They tend to recover plus a little then drop and so on, so should see a gradual rise over time, plus any media and performance is just an added bonus now with every player being ipo’d now.

  • Who have you got? Not many players decreasedmuxh yesterday, which was a but of a surprise

    Apart from Zlatan

  • Nope, are you new?

    There's always a mini sell off come mid Saturday..

  • Yep fairly new. Just saw 50% of my profit slashed in a matter of hours and found it slightly unnerving. I’m not new to betting though and portfolio quite sizeable in terms of value

  • I had the same and it’s my first game week, but seems to have settled today and hoping will rise back, like they said above just have to ride peaks and troughs if you’re in it for the long haul

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