How Many Total Shares Are Available Per Player?

  • Hi folks,

    Just trying to get my head around how the buy pricing works.

    Does FI have a fixed number of shares available in total per footballer, and if so, is that number the same for each footballer?

    If this is fixed across all footballers, how many shares are there in total available for each footballer?

    Cheers :)

  • Unlimited.....but it would be nice to see how many shares of a player is floating around

  • A very rough guide is approx 100 shares per 1p share price - so for the big name players who probably IPOed at 25p, this could mean 97,500 shares if they were £10 in price.

  • @ocs123 Not sure about that. FI have had a share split before....can someone confirm if prior to share split 100 future is equivalent to 1p

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