The Demise of Messi !!

  • Hi Guys

    You may have seen my previous topics within the last few months involving Messi so therefore I feel that it is a topic that needs to be reiterated....

    Messi is one of the most heavily invested players in FI and a lot of peoples money and profit are at stake over the next few months up until about May/June time....due to the introduction of IPO players and the fact that Messi is starting to become 'human' quicker than we realize, he is nowhere near winning the PB and also his price has dropped from £9.23 at the beginning of Nov to £8.96 as at an hour ago !!!

    Lets hear from people who have heavily invested in him and starting to see the hit on their profits and also lets hear from people who don't own any Messi futures but wish they did...



  • @AndyP32, so I'm quite new to FI but in building my portfolio have looked at bringing Messi in on a few occasions... but there is just this nagging doubt in my mind that he doesn't quite justify his current price tag. At present, with Neymar, Kane, Lukaku etc. nestling nicely in, i think the potential of future earnings aspect of Messi isn't enough to warrant a purchase as of yet...
    I could be wrong - i have been in the past - but think players like Sane, Jesus & Griezmann hold greater benefit in my PF.

  • He's still the player most likely to win PB, there's just loads more competition. He's also still a MB buzz magnet. Neymar is the only other player who deserves to be a similar price. I don't plan to add at the current price but he's got a few years left in him, champions league, world cup. He deserves to be where he is

  • He has dropped by 30p or about 3%.

    To put it into perspective , Loftus Cheek dropped about 6% today.

    Think the 'demise of Messi' is a touch premature to say the least. Its way to early to judge the impact of the IPOs. I think that Messi probably is a bit over-priced but if he wins a PB next week he probably bounces back again.

  • A demise or just sensible profit taking in light of the new environment we find ourselves in now at the index?

    A bunch of nobodies winning the buzz... a cheap night for the team at FI

    If I held Messi shares I'd be taking profits now too.

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