Federico Valverde

  • Surely a steal at 1.25 just breaking into the madrid squad and has huge potential with the aging modric and kroos.
    What's everyone's thoughts?

    Federico Valverde

  • Yeah I like him and hold shares, trying to free up funds for more if I’m honest seems like such a good price for a midfielder at Madrid.

  • @Lgoody

    My thoughts?

    How about you put your suggestion in the cheap players topic and stop clogging up the forum with new topics? There have been about 3 topics created in the last week about this player.

    It keeps things clean and tidy and other users will appreciate it.


  • @Lgoody

    Mate, just noticed it's your first post, so apologies for giving you shit.

    Anyhoos, welcome to the forum, Valverde is a great suggestion and undervalued in my opinion.

    Please accept that the more new users we get, the harder it is to keep the forum from getting bombarded with spam. I've been here 10 months and the forum is getting really crowded now, due to the fact there are no admins or mods monitoring and cleaning.

    All the best for the future.

  • Valverde looks great value but I would add that once Madrid get everyone fit I doubt he will be a regular starter. Madrid's injury list is very long at the moment and as such a lot of youngsters are getting a chance. If the rumours are true and Mourinho takes over I do wonder how many of these youngsters will be stuck with as he will want (and need) instant success

  • @Lgoody I’ve got quite a bit invested in him. He’s a quality player and with huge potential. Let’s hope he continues 👏🏻

  • @Static That is a very good point.

  • @johnboywalker No worries mate I will keep that in mind for future posts

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