• This may sound a bit insane. Given that United don’t have a proper RM in the team. I feel like if Sanchez was given the opportunity he could potentially take Lingard out of the team as Sanchez thrives in attacking play

    What do you think about this? Sounds a bit mad, but hmmmmmmmm.

  • @Nas786 - I could be wrong on this but can’t see Solskjaer changing a winning team. Also Sanchez is currently injured and it doesn’t seem to be going away. He also can’t seem to find the form he had at Arsenal. Solskjaer has praised Sanchez and spoken highly of him so he may get a chance but only time will tell I suppose

  • Lingard is playing very well, no chance.

  • Yeah he is injured at this moment in time. But I feel like given the chance he can explode.

  • He'll likely find some game time when he comes back from injury as I'm sure Ole Gunnar will rotate the squad with the Champions league fixtures coming up. If he's back from injury in time that is, anyone know how long he's out for?

    His form is also questionable.

  • @Oliver-P I think he’s returning very soon. His form is a huge worry. Is that because Jose was not using him properly? Is he past it? He fits our system more than Juan Mata/Lukaku does at this moment in time.

  • @Nas786 It's tempting, with the way he plays he can definitely thrive under Ole's coaching (like what he's done/doing with Rashford).

  • @Oliver-P I think I’m going to risk it and invest a little bit in him.

  • I think OGS is looking for fast play and counter attacking football from his team which doesn't suit Sanchez. I think on the last sprint test results, Sanchez was slower than Mata and Lingard is the 3rd fastest Untied player so much more suited.

  • @Misto Mata is not a winger. He just doesn’t have pace to do that job. But the problem with Manchester United now is that most of our attacking play is done between Pogba, Shaw and Martial on the left side of the pitch. With Sanchez we would have a proper winger that stays on the wing and does not drift like Lingard does and gets on the left side of the pitch with Martial. I think Ole has indentified this and we need some sort of resolution whether this be Sanchez. Chong. Greenwood. I don’t have a clue but it’s worth a gamble I guess.

  • @Nas786 I wasn't suggesting Mata should start. I was just using him to point out how slow Sanchez is and I don't think he would suit the system OGS seems to be setting up which looks more like speed and work rate.

  • @Misto Sanchez has a mad work rate. And I was thinking in the ranking order for RM it’s Lingard and then Sanchez and then Mata. We will see in the next few weeks bud.

  • He'll get his shot. He just has to take it like the rest of them and give OGS something to think about.

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