Thorgan Hazard Current price

  • Hi all I was just wondering whats everyone thoughts on the current price.
    For me he's in the peak of his career atm and surely a big money move will come this summer.
    He will have great speculation with his older brothers quality and even better surely if he joins the premier league.
    Just really interested in everyone's thoughts as im looking to enter very shortly once pay day arrives.

  • @Lgoody agree with you, I have 100 and I'm certainly not selling anytime soon!

  • @Lgoody His G&A are as good as any.

  • @9stevo Yes mate keep tight hold I've only got 10 up to now but hope to increase him to one of my biggest holds!

  • Hes only 25 and currently at the top of his game
    Liverpool , Chelsea and Dortmund are all reportedly interested and although a move to the premier league would be the
    most desirable for us who hold him, even if he goes to Dortmund that makes him a key player in a club who will be featuring in the champions league regularly.

    & he is now becoming a key player in the Belgium squad so longer term he is likely to feature deep into the next Euros + World Cup.

    When the share split comes he might only cost around £1.40 as well..........

  • @Lgoody I think he's worth his current price for the reasons already stated by others on here but I won't be buying any for one simple reason. I was tempted to buy a few hundred a while back when he was a mere £1.37 ish for ages and couldn't work out whether he was worth it. In the end I didn't bother as he didn't seem to get any decent buzz scores. Not sure why he suddenly is. A move of position I think. Anyway I'm just far too stubborn to pay over £5 now but good luck to you though 😂

  • This is a tricky one as no doubt i think you'll earn coin from Hazard especially if he does get a move over the next 2/3 windows but when I look at him priced above the likes of Gabriel Jesus who has four years on him or Toni Kroos who is a keep ball beast I wonder 'IF' there's better value elsewhere at the same price?

    For example within a year I expect Gabriel Jesus to be nearer £10 than I do Hazard, but short term (ie potentially summer) Hazard could rise quicker than Jesus on speculation alone??? Savvy investors might jump on both... Typically as yet (although that might change) I have neither!!!

  • @Lgoody 9 goals 6 assists this Season with 7.7 ave rating

  • Thorgan is one of those players I feel might actually be devalued with a move to a better team (unless it's a big Prem transfer). He's very much the main man at Gladbach and crucially takes penalties (three of his nine goals are from penalties). He also plays 90 minutes every match without fail and is on corners and set pieces which are vital for his high PB base.

    The proposed move to Dortmund would probably see him lose some of his setpieces, penalties and result in him being subbed off around the 60-70 minute mark regularly. That's in addition to rotation (Reus+Sancho are better players and Bruun Larssen is quite handy so they will share minutes) and competition with Reus for PB.

    So if I held I would be hoping for an extended stay at Glabach or that elusive big Prem move (I would be surprised if Liverpool came in for him given his statistical profile so possibly an impoverished Arsenal are the most realistic option).

  • @PB-man I agree... a lot of his scoring now is down to being the main man.. if he moves no doubt he'll go up in value short term as any PB league transfer to bigger better clubs sees spikes but once he's settled will he have the same impact? Maybe worth buying, flipping on sale then buying again if at any point he drops in price and becomes attractive with PB?

  • @PB-man @dannypea @Advinculas-Index Yes I think Arsenal would be his best bet as I can’t see him breaking the front three of Liverpool or even the top four currently and having the same game time he is currently or responasbility.
    Time will tell if he stays one more season to become the main man which is what I’m hoping but you just don’t know with the money/wages in the premier league now.

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