Insta Sell or Sell to Market

  • Hi Folks

    What are people’s tactics when selling their players?

    I suppose if the player is on the way down it’s best not to set a reserve price?

  • Depends how big the split is.... If it's a lower end player & the I.S is only 1p difference - I'd just do that.

    If it was a top player, I'd bang him in the sell queue - it won't take long for another user to buy them up.

  • Always put in sell queue if you can. The time to sell is when players are flying, it all depends on your strategy.
    IS is more for emergencies.

  • my strategy has evolved the longer I have been on here - Im no longer massively bothered about selling at the top anymore, instead I set a level Im happy with.

    Take CHO for example i sold at 6.40, 6.70 and 7 and hes now settled around the 6.60 mark (I still hold half what I had) there was so much uncertainty around his move and there still is so I made the decision to lock in some profit as soon as he hit an amount I was happy with.

    I always sell on the way up. If a player starts to fall I just sit tight as I know more often than not there will be another rise and they will be your chance to sell.

    Take Ronaldo as another example - people were IS like crazy last week as he dropped below £9 (IS was £8 at this stage) the more savvy traders sat tight, waited for the bounce back and can sell now if they want to at £9.60 - thats 15% above what the IS price was.

    The market runs in cycles, learn these cycles and youll never have to worry about getting out of trades

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