Benoit Badiashile

  • Expected him to fly. Guessing people preferred the other IPOs today.

    17 year old. First choice CB at Monaco.

  • I just got 200 of him, thought he was a great price, was expecting him to be £1.80 when I realized i had missed his IPO (effing work meetings getting in the way of FI!).

    Wanted Camacho too but can't stretch to that price on my budget!

  • @NewUser51324 I got in at £1.34 which was poor in hindsight however my phone froze, I was also expecting £1.70+.

    Still plenty of value. He may just be a slow burner.

  • Where do you find your referral code from when a friends wants to deposit

  • @Wino1

    I got him just after you then! Average £1.36 price.

    I'm fine with that, has got very good reviews and only 17. Starting in a PB league - even after they signed Naldo.

    If Monaco can with the league cup (in semis v Guingamp who are bottom and PSG out) then that gets them in Europe next year too.

  • Undoubtedly a very promising player but you look at the prices of similarly talented young french centre backs and you can see why he hasn't flown up. Konate, Salibur, Kamara to name a few are around that £1.40 mark.

  • Only mentioned him yesterday... bit of a gamble at £1 plus with Monaco's latest league position needing to improve as no doubt he'll stay regardless but certainly one that looks competent at the level he's playing at... despite me singing his praises though I won't be investing just yet??? maybe in the summer when he's down to 70p??? ;-)

  • @PB-man

    Fair comments. I am hoping he is more of a Malang Sarr from Nice who is up at £1.88, though I get that Sarr has more PB potential due to Nice possession game at the moment. At only 17, has a lot of time to progress.

    There is no way Monaco will go down imo, although the lack of goals is a concern the standard at the bottom of that french league truely is dire.

  • Quick...someone look smug! Well done!

  • I think any 17 year old who is playing regularly in a PB league is going to go well on the index. I'm in.

  • Especially as he scored on his debut.

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