Accept Price Change

  • Hi all I am new to this and theres one thing i dont understand and that is when you buy a share, you put the amount in that you want then it comes up with accept price change and you can either tick it or leave it blank. My question is what does it mean?

  • It's basically the same as 'accept odds changes' when placing a bet. It's saying in the time it takes you to enter how many shares to buy and press buy, do you want it to automatically accept any price changes that may have happened on that player during that time.

  • Hi static thats great I understand what your saying. Do you tend to leave it ticked when buying a share? Cheers

  • I think it's default position is unticked and I have never changed it. The most a player is likely to move in that time is a penny or two, unless you are trying to buy IPO'd players as soon as they go live in which case it could have easily moved double digits

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