Monday 20th Nov Bargains

  • Analysing the bargain basement paid up for me yesterday, Kondogbia in midfield and almost landed the Defender Dividends with Ferrari until the last second of the day! At one stage having the top 6 players in the PB, some people have criticised the system of now being a lottery, well I'd love to be able to hedge the lottery myself.

    True to form the morning session holds the best players today.

    Benjamin Bourigeaud for Rennes holds the best value of the day for Rennes. 5 goals from 14 this season and a Avg PPG of 40+!

    Then it's a story of the forwards. Mina only 21 and knocking them in for Valencia, won't be long before he's forced his way in front of West Ham flop Zaza on a permanent basis.

    Sanabria for Betis is only 21 and in ultra hot form right now!
    Clinton N'jie for Marseille is in great form too and still relatively young.
    Sala for Nantes who are having a good season has notched 27 in 101 and get's a few assists.

    There's a few interesting players in Barella, Mandi and Pires if you're happy to play in the Defence and Midfield arena.

  • Benjamin Bourigeaud is the big one for me today. 4 goals and 2 Assists from Midfield this season with a solid amount of passes per game, would love to get him at anything near his IPO price. I don't understarnd the pricing structure today you have Sanabria at 80p who's absolutely banging them in right now and Mina at £1.00 who is rotated with Zaza for a starting position. Both very good players and I'll be getting both just don't understand the prices behind those 2.

  • I'm having a pop at both Mina and Sanabria but yeah Sanabria at 80p defies logic.

    They're both 21 so should imagine they'll be very sought after.

    BB is still only 57p, I honestly think people are giving up or running out of cash cos he would have lumped on on the 1st November I'm sure.

    He's 23 with lots of potential for transfers, 36% ROI on Dividends if\WHEN he lands a/multiple PB(s) in the next 3 years.

  • @Agatello - thought today was going to be a quiet one but picked up BB, Sanabria and Castagne all for decent prices. All getting pitch time and as you say 1 buzz win will see a great return!

    In fact thought Castagne might get more interest with Belgium's ability to produce decent defenders, 21 too, getting plenty of pitch time and decent baseline stats, time will tell!

  • I did have a look at Castagne and thought he was incredibly cheap at 40p considering the Europa League appeal from Atalanta, not sure if he's got the goal threat or stats of Caldara in the same team so coupled that with the fact there might be some bigger fish I'll need the cash for later in the week and gave him a miss. Good luck with him though mate.

    Can defo see BB and Sanabria doubling in price before the end of the season though, fingers crossed.

  • Milot Rashica could be worth a punt at 41p he's playing well for Vitesse in the Dutch league and Roma are said to be preparing a January bid after he ran their defence ragged in a September Europa League clash

  • @Dave-C Agree, I was considering him too, if Vitesse had a chance of getting out the EL group stage I'd have definitely gone for him. If he moves into one of the 5 PB leagues will definitely buy some - assuming his price doesn't go too crazy

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