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  • Hi all

    Sorry to ask what might be a stupid question

    I keep reading about some kind of share split. What is this?

  • From Adam Cole's update

    "After considerable consultation, analysis and in response to popular demand, I’m delighted to confirm we will undertake a Share Split in the first quarter of 2019.

    For those asking what a share split is; we previously performed a share split two years ago, dividing shares by a factor of four. So for instance, if you owned one Lionel Messi share at a price of £14.00, your portfolio would have updated to 4x Lionel Messi shares at a price of £3.50. As a result of this the dividend was also split by a factor of Four.

    For the avoidance of doubt, I am not confirming today to what factor we will split the shares. Further information will be published about the split in the new year.

    This change will be beneficial to customers who will be able to build a wider portfolio of footballers suited to all budgets. And remember the more footballers you have in your portfolio, the more opportunities you’ll have to win dividends.

    From a liquidity perspective this change should also provide a boost to the number of customers wishing to buy footballers given their prices will be considerably lower. There is also the benefit of tighter spreads in real terms on lower priced footballers, something all traders can enjoy.

    Look out for more information in the new year about these plans."

  • Thank you kindly

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