Deposit Issue

  • I signed up yesterday. Made my initial deposit just fine. But now it doesn't seem to be working. When I go to deposit, I put it my amount, select the same previous deposit method, enter my code. It all goes through like it has worked but then my account balance stays the same. There is nothing under transaction history for deposits or failed deposits. Don't like to try too many times in case loads comes out at once, is there a deposit delay or an something obvious I am doing wrong? I first thought it could be that I haven't verified my account but then I don't have any emails.

    Apologies if there are numerous topics with the same issue. I also couldn't find the forum search function lol.

  • @NewUser246959 There is no search function, really annoying. Try logging in and out again. I've had it happen before and it took both amounts when the balance came up. Can't say I've seen it happen in awhile though.

  • Yeah I've tried that a couple of times. Nothing.

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