• Dortmond and Bayern players to buy?

  • All of them

  • I have no Bayern and only Alcacer from Dortmund. Germany has been quiet due to the league winter break. Im sure it will pick up again before the weekend

  • I have Jovic, Duda, Alacer, Cunha. Loads of other I would like though.

  • Most of my port is from the Bundesliga, mainly RBL. they like to assemble young good players and then move them of for a healthy profit, a bit like Southampton but better !!!!!

  • Kimmich 100% and reckon gnabry has a lot of growth in him (still under £3)

  • Dortmund
    Achraf Hakimi (loaned)
    Dan-Axel Zagadou
    Jadon Sancho

    Joshua Kimmich

  • On stats alone is there a better value for money player than Haller? Not only in the Bundersliga, but I'd include all 5 PB qualifying leagues in that question?

    15 Bundersliga starts - 9 goals & 8 assists
    6 UEFA Cup starts - 3 goals & 3 assists.

    Even more impressive when you consider that Frankfurt are not exactly one of the most dominant teams in the League. They're no Bayern or Dortmund!

    Thorgan Hazard is a year older at 25 & has similar but slightly inferior stats. Although I'm aware he's won a decent amount of PB & has transfer spec, he's currently priced at £5.57.

    Compare his price to Haller's, who is currently trading at £2.59 & he represent amazing value (in the current market) in my eyes. I'd also suggest that if he performs at a similar level for the second half of the season (no reason he won't) then it's highly likely he'll sneak a PB or 2 & have transfer links to big clubs in the summer.

    His highest PB score this season is 209 & Frankfurt are still in the Europe.

    Luka Jovic is also trading at almost double Haller' s price at £4.93!!

    Before any Jovic or Hazard holders get upset, I'm not saying they are bad buys. I hold all 3 mentioned. I just think that pound for pound Haller is the best value buy in the Bundersliga right now.

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