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  • Just for the sake of clarity I wanted to check something with regards Dividends here - and for the sake of full honesty No, I am not about to undertake anything I use as examples in this strategy, it's just something I wanted clearing up from within the rules page of the FI website.

    I believe the deadline for buying futures in, for example, Higuain today to qualify for the 3 x MB is 2pm GMT - please correct me if I'm wrong in that. What is the earliest I would be able to sell him again to still qualify for the MB dividend?

    I can see in the rules it states "(a Share is only eligible for a Dividend after you have owned that Share for 24 hours)". Does that mean that, again for example, if I buy 10 x Higuain shares at 1:30pm GMT today, I have to hold them until 1:31pm GMT tomorrow to qualify for any potential dividends?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @LukeMalla Just til it's paided out, which is normally between midnight and 2.00am. Then feel free to sell, but you need to own the share before 2pm, like you have already worked out.

  • @Misto So buy before 2pm, sell after 2am. Gotcha. Thank you for replying.

    Do the same principles and deadlines apply for all dividends, or is that just today because dividends are paid out on Wednesdays and 3 x MB day is Wednesday?

    Another working example to make my second question clearer would be, and I know the match last night didn't qualify for in-play dividends, just pretend it did for this - what time was the deadline to buy into Ronaldo to qualify for his goal dividend and what time could I sell him again?

  • @LukeMalla PB/MB divendends are paid daily you need to own the share before 2pm to get any divendends won that day in regards in PB & MB. You can then sell once the divendends have been paid in your balence. 2am is a guide not a rule, it's been known to be paid as late as 11am in the past.

    IPD/G&A works alittle different. Payouts are made weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday for matches played during the previous week and before midnight on that Monday. To quilty for the divendend you need to hold til 12.01am and you can buy any time before 11.59pm to win the divendends, so you can buy a player that has already socred knowing you will get the divendends, however if a player does score his price will most likly have gone up more than the payment you would get.

    Eg Rashford scores a goal in the 3.00pm kick off. You could buy him at 11.50pm and you would get the divendend if you hold past 12.01am. Then feel free to sell if you wish.

    Hope that makes sense

  • @Misto Your explanation makes sense, and you've clearly been here a while and know your stuff so please don't take this as me questioning you in any way, BUT - your explanation does seem to go against what the rules say that I posted in my original question "(a Share is only eligible for a Dividend after you have owned that Share for 24 hours)"

    Using your same example, if I buy Rashford at 11:50pm knowing he scored in a 3pm kick off, and then sell again at 12:01am - I've only held him for 11 minutes. Granted, the date has changed from Saturday to Sunday, but that seems like somewhat of a loophole?!

  • @LukeMalla Yes, unfortunately the game rules are WRONG. It's embarrassing and I can't believe FI haven't updated it yet. I've mentioned it to them more than once myself and I'm sure others have too. In fact, I think I'll tweet them about it again. However, I can confirm that @Misto is correct.

  • @Misto and @BL__FI Thank you for answering my questions. I appreciate it.

  • @LukeMalla That rule was writen before G&A came about. Rules around G&A:

    "What Is The Dividend Deadline?

    The dividend deadline will be midnight on the day of the game, which means you can buy players after they’ve scored and qualify for Goal & Assist dividends by holding onto those shares until midnight that same day."

    https://trade.footballindex.co.uk/goal-and-assist-dividends/ - This is the original announcement.

    https://trade.footballindex.co.uk/novemberannouncement/ _ This is the update annoumcement after the trail.

    I think they know they need to update the rules, they say as much in the update.

    "Future developments to make In-Play Dividends work for you

    We’ve mentioned previously that we’re in the process of rebuilding Football Index’s technical platform from the ground up, to allow us to build and scale for the future and multiple Indexes. Frustratingly this has delayed features and improvements we’ve been keen to add in the past year. This transition is now very close to completion and we look forward to a much speedier development cycle in 2019, which will include automating In-Play Dividends, our exciting Nasdaq collaboration, and other enhancements. With that context, while we won’t achieve our long-term vision immediately, we’d like to tell you about our plans and some of the In-Play related changes we’ll roll out in time.

    **- An update to official Game Rules

    • In-Play Dividends will proceed under promotional terms until our Game Rules are formally updated on the website and app. We'll also be making the Game Rules easier to navigate and read.** "

    Note they said they need to update the game rules and until then it runs under the trail rules.

    I would guess a new update will come around the 1/7/19 when you current In play divendend game runs out.

    "The offer runs from 22/10/2018, 18:30(GMT) until 01/07/2019, 23:59 (GMT); the Promotional Period."

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