Downloadable data

  • Does anybody know if there are any plans in the pipeline for downloadable data from your portfolio? Just a simple Excel or .csv file of Player/Futures/Orig Value/Now Value/Profit&Loss for example would be incredibly useful - you cannot even copy and paste the webpage at the moment, so I'm having to manually input all my portfolio data into a spreadsheet (which I update every 4 days).

    With 90+ players its starting to become a chore :)

    Or if anybody has any tips on an easier way to do it within the current structure, do let me know.

  • @kristiang85 email FI and ask for your full transaction history.

  • Thanks - but I'm sure they don't want me emailing them every 4 days! :) Also its just my current portfolio status I need, not my transcation history (I write those down as I do them anyway).

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