Free player scores, dividend history and fixtures reports available

  • Sign up on Indexgain as a free member to get access to 3 data reports to help make more informed choices. There's a basic player report with scores and dividend wins on, then there's a dividend history report and a handy fixture schedule for all the football index competitions.

    Could be a good starting point for many traders.

    More info here about the what you can research:

  • Email for free set of all this seasons pb and mb scores.


  • I have been a regular user of IndexGain PRO and with a portfolio in excess of £100k I can honestly say that I simply could not trade without it.

    IndexGain is designed and run BY traders FOR traders and the guys are always on hand to give help and advice.

    JUST TRY it and if you don't want to carry on using it then fine - but you will!

    The amount of information and stats is mind blowing and the multiple different ways you can interrogate it and produce reports is also amazing.

    The 'Slack' pages is also full of traders who are all willing to help and assist so if you are serious about trading and making decent profits then sign up (for free at first if you want).

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