Wednesday 22nd Best IPO buys

  • To be honest I felt like making this the last one due to the distinct lack of value on offer.

    HOWEVER it was lovely to finally see not only 1 decent striker but 3 in the shape of Rodrigo Moreno, Alassane Plea and Mark Uth!

    Rodrigo enjoying career best form for high flying Valencia, Plea and Uth ripping up the Europa League with excellent strikes rates in general. I wouldn't like to say who's going to peak higher from their £1 starting points.

    There's a couple of blinding defenders coming in at 40p. Benjamin Pavard, playing every minute for Stuttgart, a very impressive 60+ Avg PPG and notched 1 assisting another so far this season.
    The other is Gabriele Angella, a strike rate of 1 in 9 from Defence is not to be ignored, when fit plays every second for Udinese and is due a goal. Considering how much goalscoring defenders are costing getting one in around the 40p mark is good business.

    If anyone's looking a promising youngster Murgia is getting full games, scoring and performing for Lazio in the Europa League from Midfield. Only 50p

  • @Agatello

    Your posts are very good pal and I’m sure a lot of traders appreciate them.

    Where are the next days IPO lists posted now ??

  • Cheers bud, it's just annoying wading through 40 odd outfield players looking for a needle in a haystack and when you find one they hardly budge :-/

    The links here by the way

    I always find it in the Blog section next to the forum on the account page

  • Where do you find the PPG game stats?

    Is this the same figure FI uses for performance buzz?


  • I use find the player, then have a quick look at his current season, then go to his History ( I missed Mattia Caldara from Atalanta by ignoring the history to begin with). In both tabs you're see a Passing Tab just below it, Avg PPG is in there. It's not the be all and end all of a players baseline though, that's far more complicated BUT I find it the best and fastest indicator to get a feel for their baseline. Other factors are tackles, crosses etc etc.

    Goals, Game Winning Goals are heavily weighted at 40 points each and the 18pt win bonus is also crucial hence why you don't want anyone from a team that never wins. Clean Sheets are obviously a huge factor for defenders but less important than them scoring a GWG for example (it's worth 98pts alone).

    Penny Stocks on twitter do brilliant graphs which are "slightly" subjective on the GWG front and give a very good indicator as to what baseline to expect from a player BUT they don't give that information out pre-IPO which doesn't help you plan your purchasing :-) if a player limps in and they've eulogized over him it could be wise to follow suit.

    I'll be interested to see if Angella comes up on their graphs due to his goalscoring. Depending on whether they deem Pavard as a goalscorer he might also be on their graphs.


  • @Agatello I think Plea and Uth just edge it for me with the added benefit of Europa Leauge. Also Hoffenheim are doing well in the league and Nice are better than their current position so would expect an upturn in form at some point. Plus Moreno doesn't seem to complete 90 minutes too often which will obviously affect his ability to win PB. Agree on the Defenders so cheap as well and some of them have barely shifted today. I don't get it. Also liked the look of Thiago Mendes averages over 50 PPG and has 2 goals in 12 this season so could be worth a punt. Think you should definitely carry on with this though it definitely helps people out. I get what you mean about looking at 40 plus players stats and then picking them up and they move a few pence but as soon as they post a big PB score people will jump on and you've picked yourself a bargain. I think people are either bored of the IPO's or spent all their money on the first few days because I can't explain the non movement of some of these players.

  • @MrFrenchTickler Totally agree, the first couple days of IPOs were crazy, am also torn between Plea and Moreno, as you say Plea has the Europa League and 2 very winnable group games left but Moreno scored the GWG for Spain in the last qualifier and will likely make the World cup squad.... seeing their prices are steady will probably pick up a few of each :-D

  • I think you're 50% spot on there, although the other 50% is quite clearly that FI don't want anyone to buy 95% of the new players. Tomorrow's IPO's - Rondon 80p? Will Hughes, starts 1 game for Watford and scores -> £1. It's a joke.

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