Thursday's IPO - over and out.

  • Michael Gregoritsch - Great buy at 50p, scores 1 in 4 for Augsburg.

    Other than that it's seriously not worth the effort, Rondon 80p, Deeney 80p, Hughes one match wonder for Watford £1. Seriously come on Football Index (and we all know you read these posts) at least give your customers something to go at!

    If someone else fancies putting the effort in I'd gladly read them but until these prices have at least some reality about them I'm just gonna sit back and wait for Jorginho, Paulinho, Mariano, Bakumbu and Shergar to rock up and hope they don't IPO at £5!

    I dunno!

  • Shergar LMAO!

  • @Agatello cheers for the effort!

  • Agree slim pickings on Thursday's list - shame as there's been a couple of hidden gems most other days

  • I am tempted to carry on as it's actually been quite addictive and enjoyable. Getting a decent riser or two per day at the right price made it worth the effort but by the time the commission and spread have taken their chunk there's been peanuts left this week.

    Burgstaller's a decent buy but they've pitched him in at 80p, Ben Yedder's only 83p although Schalke are currently second in the league!

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