Media Buzz scoring

  • Hi all, and sorry if this has been covered before... scrolled down but can't find the answer.
    Where does The Media buzz scores get added from?
    My main example is yesterday Marko Arnautovic about dinner time was hot news on talk sport, Sky Sports that he was 'left out of today's match team squad' as he didn't have the right attitude to be selected.
    I looked through the buzz news and he didn't have even the lowest score of 20 points, he wasn't on there whatsoever.
    I don't hold him anymore as I got out a week or so ago- I am just trying to work out how MB works..
    Any ideas?...... Thank you in advance

  • @NewUser152315 Arnautovic is not in the Top 200. Only players in the Top 200 qualify for MB

  • @TheSleepingGiant

    Of course.. he's obviously dropped out of top 200 over last couple of weeks and I totally forgot.

    Thanks for confirming 👍

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