• So whats happening to him will he rise again or just keep dropping?

  • He is nearing end of career so could be people cutting their losses, if he wins a PB or MB he’ll probably rise again but not to the heights of the top 10 I wouldn’t think

  • The bubble has burst

  • Man Utd have hectic fixtures. Mourino is gonna need him, plus Lukaku's form is mixed. Given some full matches he will inevitably score goals and his MB will start motoring. His price will also start to rise as people get the Zlatan bug again. It's a long long way till the end of the season and there's still more to get out of Zlatan yet. Watch this space.

  • It must’ve been love, but it’s over now... Thanks for the memories Zlatan.

  • I missed the Zlatan glory days but still made money twice by buying him when he was injured, selling him when he rose after signing his contract, buying him again when he dipped again during the rehab process and then selling him recently before he crashed again. Managed to sell about 4.78 before he even played his first game. Didn't think he would fall as far as he has to be honest so very glad I sold. I would normally be tempted to re-buy now as I think he'll increase again if he returns to regular playing. That said im hesitant to be honest due to his age and the slight uncertaintly of anyone coming back from such major surgery. If he has a set-back or picks up another bad injury then he is basically retired and all investment will be lost.

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