A view to the forums and social media from a newbie

  • I thought I would share my experiences of the social media and forum expert as a relative newbie, who is bordering on not being a newbie any more.

    I should add here I have substantial experience in building communities and speak from experience. Not all will agree with me but meh, that's life.

    First off I think everyone agrees that the ONLY way people will continue with big profits is new players coming through. It is essential for every single one of us, to keep new players here.
    If they are unhappy they won't stay. If they feel unwelcome, they won't stay.

    Personally on the forums I have had a pretty good experience and feel part of the community, but I have started seeing a few whines come through that aren't so welcoming.


    1. Complaints about new players making threads that are repeats - I am afraid with new players, this will happen. Each complaint (and I was on the end of one from a well known poster) and it does make one feel unwelcome.
      Personally I don't think it is too hard to keep track as some players have said, just use the 'new posts' button and ignore threads you aren't interested in.
      Consider this though, if you are an experienced player and complaining you can't keep track and that newbies should check first, then the newbie has no chance of finding threads to see if duplicates, with everything else they have to learn.
      I am not even sure a mod would make that much difference. A very active forum is a very good sign into the health of the site.

    2. Personal attacks - No. Just no.

    3. Pump and dump - I hate this, as I think most do. I don't have a solution, I just know one needs to be found.


    FI really have to get a grip with this and I have alluded to this before, but retweeting people's massive profits constantly, as seems to happen, is a recipe for disaster. Big wins means others are loosing big. It will encourage more gambling, and thus more complaints that the official 'everyone wins' line is just rubbish.
    I even tweeted them when I first started, asking if it was just a big pyramid scheme, and was told no, everyone wins. This is clearly not true and not a message that they should be sending.

    We have a good community here which is a big strength, we must fight to keep it that way.

  • on possible solution to "pump and dump" on the forum would be having all the listed players linked as separate threads held within a players section. You would just have to do a search for the player you wish to comment on like you do in the main area.

    Whenever you want to make a comment about a certain player it would only be made within that thread, thus eliminating duplicate threads on the same player.

    This would also require a moderater to be able to delete any player threads created outside of this section

  • @MrWh1te Point 1 is already being address with a forum guide that is being put together. Then user can point new users with questions towards it.


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