Rashford vs Kane

  • Every time I look at this, I see Rashford flying and I kick myself that I didn't get on him the last time I looked. Then 10 minutes later... I repeat the process. This has been my life for 3 weeks ha.

    I suspect that a week from now, I'll be still looking at him saying... I wish I'd bought him instead of making this post. A year from now, I'll look back at this post and see that I could have doubled, maybe even quadrupled my money if I'd bought him.

    BUT DAMN IT, I just can't bring myself to do it.

    Instead I took £1000 worth of Kane a couple of days back and I sit here watching... waiting for the news to break that he's recovering faster than expected. Surely a year from now I'll still be up.. but was Kane the right move?

    Should I have split? Or just bought both...

  • Hi Dan I would market sell half of Kane and buy some Rashford then you have both.

    You then will 2 great chances of making money with half the risk.

    If share split was 1st February new traders will plough into Rashford as he is currently the golden boy and at less than £3 (4 way split) will look very cheap.

    Then as Kane returns from injury at circa £2.25 new traders will want a piece of the England captain.

    2 months later look again keep for dividends or sell for profit.

    Win Win

  • This has been mentioned before but Kane has won golden boot at the World Cup and probably at his peak and hasn’t really rocketed....
    Rashford is miles away from peak and only 21, he could easily be England number 1 striker by the next Euros.
    I’m sure there will be a debate on what I just wrote in the media so both will probably get buzz from that.

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