Instant Sell

  • I’m interested to see other people’s opinions and hopefully help a few others in the process.

    I’ve seen someone instant sell 3 x Martial about 5 minutes ago, what is the reasoning behind this?

    Seriously if this was you, please let me know one logical reason behind it. I’m guessing you have a small portfolio due to you only selling 3. A 34p spread and 2% commission, for what? Has he died?

    I’m not trying to be condescending or patronising, I’m actually trying to help.

    What is everyone else’s approach to IS? And any tips for what I’m guessing is newcomers throwing money away.

  • It’s pretty clear that a lot of new users don’t read the rules properly, or use resources like the FI academy. People rush in with a small deposit, not knowing what they are doing, and assume that “instant sell” is the only option once they’ve decided they want rid of whichever player they’ve held for 5 minutes.

  • And to answer your question, I’ve not used IS yet in four months I’ve been here. I imagine I will use it in exceptional circumstances, eg a possible career ending injury if I can get out before others also jump ship.

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