Mbappe peaked??

  • Scored a hat-trick today and 1 assist and hardly moved. Worth keeping for the share split or sell him on?? Clearly still in the Neymar shadow

  • @NewUser122316 true but Neymar may move in the summer. Real would be the best place from a FI point of view.

  • Dont sell mate! Share split will see him possibly become 3.50 and will double easily. Dont do it

  • @Misto Good Point. Once Neymar has moved on he will then be the main man in a team that wins nearly every weekend! Will keep my 10 futures in him a little while longer then

  • Also neymar picks and chooses his matches. Neymar going nowhere anytime soon due to him signing his rights over to the qatari bank who sponsor psg and heavily involved with psg owners. They wouldnt do that without nailing him down to the psg mast in my opinion

  • @NewUser122316
    Definite hold for me Clive -post share split he could be £3.50 and fast developing into one of the top 3 players in the world.
    If he moves to a proper league imagine what will happen to his price . Also..wot Misto said above


    And Finlay

  • @Finlay77 Think ill keep because just looked at the spread and i would lose a bit as well. Hoping this SS just happens quickly but I'm getting the feeling from comments on twitter that it might be another month or so

  • @NewUser122316 Ignore the spread, definitely do not IS.

  • There was that bit of news about Neymar being sponsored by some big Qatar outfit and people seemingly thinking thats him cemented at PSG, who could afford him anyway?

    Mbappe needs to move, imo he would be great at madrid however he has already said he wants to stay at PSG for a few years, but things can change.

    PSG have a big project with powerful owners I dont see them selling either, they want to win the champions league.

  • It is only the game winning goal that gets Neymar in ahead of Mbappe today so would definitely keep

  • @Tom77 mbappe could have gone anywhere from monaco but chose paris as his family is there and he grew up there. That sometimes means alot to a player that we dont always hear and see. He will go one day but i do think madrid wont be signing mega players for a while simply due to the 575m loan they are taking to make the bernabeu and surrounding area the greatest sporting arena on earth. This is why neymar or any other superstar on long deals wont be going there

  • I do think one of them might move. From a FI point of view it would be great for me as I own both and having them in the same team isn't ideal. However from their personal points of view they couldn't give a fuck about their PB scores on FI. They are paid millions by PSG, who are building something there. The only thing that would get their star players away is if they felt personally they had something more to prove to the world, because Ligue 1 is a bit of a joke and it's dilutes the credit players should get because there is that asterix of "he did it in ligue 1, I could score 50 goals in that league"

  • @Fletch said in Mbappe peaked??:

    It is only the game winning goal that gets Neymar in ahead of Mbappe today so would definitely keep

    “Game Winning Goal” in a 9-0 win, if ever a sentence summed up the flaws in the PB scoring system!

  • PSG are still under investigation, what's interesting is the (arguably dodgy) Qatar sponsorship deals they signed to avoid ffp when it was first introduced a few years ago are up for renewal in 2019 and UEFA have ordered them not to renew with some of there current sponsers, This is the foundation for the rumurs they may have to sell one of mbappe or neymar to avoid firther sanctions unless they can find new sponsers (not Qatar based) willing to pay considerably more based on there now stronger brand power. They have already had to sell a number of players to cover iregularitys in the last few years.

  • @M.s.b maybe city need to sell too as they have been arrogantly dismissing these rules too. I dont see it happening simply due their financial power. Alot easier to kick a championship club down than take on a country

  • @Finlay77

    The big difference for me is English TV money and city's transfer record is still very low.

    PSG have been reckless and broke the world record by double than nearly matched it in the same window... what they have done with bein sport and Qatar tourism is comical UEFA to retain integrity have to come down hard or ffp means nothing

    Theres also all the allegations with Platini and how the world cup ended up in Qatar for 2022 coincidence?

  • @M.s.b very true that

  • @M.s.b Remember the first time PSG got done for FFP in 2014 they fined them.

    UEFA "you have over spent and broken FFP"
    PSG "oh no, what do we have to do to make this right"
    UEFA "pay this €60 million fine and we will return €40 million if you comply with FFP by 2016"
    PSG "oh you want money, ya cool we got loads"

  • @Misto

    "On top of ordering PSG to sell up to as much as €60m in assets in Javier Pastore, Yuri Berchiche, Odsonne Edouard and Jonathan Ikone before the end of June, UEFA reportedly instructed the club to not renew their contract with the Qatar Tourism Authority when it expires in 2019, making the sale of a big-name player probable"

  • @M.s.b if i owned psg id be selling nkunku weah lo celso di maria and alves long before i started thinking of selling mbappe and neymar though to be honest

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