RASHFORD- Prince of the index? 👑

  • @John-D ok well I'm not trying to convince u because of my own shares, I own Salah and Rashford, but once the share split happens i believe that you'll gain more from Rashford mate.

  • Beating Aguero to MB, it wont be long before he catches Mbappe up.

  • Flying mate, £14 easy before the big ss

  • @TeamGB said in Rashford to become King in 2019?:

    His rise over the last few months to be nothing short of meteoric on the index and I think it’s been well justified. He’s a young lad, the main man in united’s force for the future and will be a big part of England’s Euro and Nations Cup challenges. I can see him overtaking Pogba this year. He also seems to be taking up more MB as well. I think he will be king of the index by the end of the year. What do you guys think?

    Pobga v Rashford MB this season.

    Pobga £2.83
    Rashford 41p

    and Pogba won again today to add to that. They are not even close in MB terms.

  • Can't help but think the sell off of Rashford is hugely premature. He's not injured, he's still going to boss the premier league to get Man U into the Champs league again next season and he'll be the main man vs PSG in the next game with Pogba out and Martial potentially injured. If he scores in Paris his price will be higher than the start of today's game!

  • Yup. Pretty short sighted stuff, but ppl can trade as they like. Master and apprentice tonight with Mbappe and Rashford. Having said that I don’t think Rashers really got the supply to show what he’s got. You could see his frustration. He barely received one ball to run onto.

  • If Rashford drops any further he may be joining my portfolio

  • @Valhalla would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Martial and Lingard remained on the pitch. Sanchez is stealing a wage at the minute, just couldn't get into the game. Lukaku should have been brought on, when he played wide against Arsenal he put in the cross for the goal.
    You're completely right though, Rash has a way to go to be as good as Mbappe

  • @GregF yeah, completely different game after they went off. And PSG new it. They smelt blood and went for the kill.

  • Got my first real taste tonight of how fickle this market can be. Crazy drop offs for no real reason

  • By chance did someone see was it IS or did people put him up for sale?

  • @NewUser66152 of it was market selling his price wouldn't go down as those shares would've been bought by another trader

  • @Azer182 said in RASHFORD- Prince of the index? 👑:

    @NewUser66152 of it was market selling his price wouldn't go down as those shares would've been bought by another trader

    Price goes down as soon as people list...so the only way to tell if it was market list or IS is to gauge the user activity ticker.

  • I wasn't watching for long, but during the few minutes I was watching I saw 2 people IS 100 x Rashford each. [facepalm]

    I even saw one person IS 25 Pogba.


  • @Vespasian32 ah ok I get ya. But either way they'd have to be bought or the sale cancelled wouldn't they? Meaning his price would go back up?

  • @Azer182 yes.... So immediate drop as many add to queue and then gradual rise as those shares are bought or cancelled.

    Probably why the other user was keen to know... If they were instant sold it means its more damaging as the only way the player can rise again is through people buying. If it was market sell then the price can rise quicker as people can cancel their sell.

  • @Azer182 said in RASHFORD- Prince of the index? 👑:

    Got my first real taste tonight of how fickle this market can be. Crazy drop offs for no real reason

    If you are a medium-long term trader, you wouldn't be affected by last nights insanity. Here's why:

    The big rises of Martial and Lingard (and Rashford to some degree) earlier in the week would mainly have come from people buying because of that one game last night (in the hope of some IP divs and a good United result which would push the share values up if progression to the next round looked likely).

    Any trader with a med-long term strategy will have either already held those players (probably bought soon after Mourinho went), or wouldn't have followed the sheep ploughing into United players which was clearly a gamble.
    The big rises followed by the big falls should only really burn those gamblers who came late to the party - any long term investors (if they weren't tempted to sell pre-game) will have just seen that nice bonus of a massive midweek rise wiped out but they'll still be up overall. And the rises will come again.

    Short term / quick flip trading is a huge gamble. That was my strategy in the first few weeks on FI and I soon got burned.


  • @Vespasian32 You are bang on.

  • @ScouseSte I got on Rashford at about £11. Would you say I was too late to the party? He was one of my first purchases

  • @Azer182 nope not to late, it just means your profit % will be smaller then others. If you brought at £11 you have made over £2 per share even if you take last night/this mornings drop into account

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