What’s the consensus on a deposit bonus?

  • After two 10% deposit bonuses in a short space of time towards the end of last year, there has been lots of chat/expectation that FI will land another one in Q1, possibly to coincide with the share split.

    However with the market flying and new user numbers breaking records, is it necessary?

    It may be a good way of encouraging further top ups, embedding the new users, plus rewarding the existing traders of course. However, it will inevitably bring huge volatility, and the return of the dreaded “red days” when the bonus period ends and people start withdrawing.

    I’ve almost forgotten what a red day looks like, think I’ve been up every day since Christmas. So my question.... does the platform need a deposit bonus in the near future?

  • @Coleyscrooge one was to make up for the G&A trail mess up. I think they will save them as golden arrows for flat markets

  • @Coleyscrooge it would be a good idea to tie down new users at the end of the trial and to encourage them to deposit more. Yes lots of growth at the moment but can't take the new users for granted.

  • @Coleyscrooge

    I'm pretty sure although I could be mistaken ever since I joined pretty much every trader meet has coincided with a deposit bonus... I'm sure misto has some sort of stats on this. It would make sense end of this month to give a big push for final week of transfer window and also a way to retain new users.

  • I looked at the terms of a dep bonus and wasn't at all impressed.

  • I would have thought they would do one with the share split to kick start it maybe.

  • @Hotspur it could back fire though when a load of new users see the free money and decide that was fun whats next. And they take theyre money and the profit elsewhere. Deposit bonus’s should only be used in a flat market to prolong the usage of the platform amongst established users. More of a loyalty reward than a freebie

  • My view is the impact of the impending share split will be considered "astronomical" in comparison to the impact of the deposit bonus, esp. With what seems to be a record number of new traders joining FI since the extremely successful talksport marketing campaign started.

    I doubt we will see any more deposit bonus promo 's till at least end of Q2/Q3 once the share split has been implemented and the platform settled if at all imho.... Happy trading !!!

  • @M.s.b

    We had two last year one in October and in July. The one before that was December 2017 that did have a playthrough requirement.

    Edit one in Sept as well for FIs 3rd birthday.

    Trader Meets

    February 2018 London
    March 2018 Manchester
    May 2018 Birmingham
    Sept 2018 London
    November 2018 Dublin

  • @Misto

    Thanks for that interesting. Looks like I joined at the right time for deposit bonuses! Assumed it was normal. In that case I retract my earlier statement I wouldnt expect a deposit bonus any time soon. The ss, new website,Nasdaq order books new territories dividend increace and more should be more than enough to keep the index growing deposit bonuses shouldnt be necessary as stated above.

  • @Misto there was one in September for the birthday too.

  • @Hotspur Forgot that one. cheers

  • Just noticed this topic as I sit here pondering about depositing another couple of grand in....what to do...........

  • @Harmonica Drop it in. 10% is nothing to what you could miss out on if you wait even 4-6 weeks because there in no guarantee of a bonus coming. Deposit your couple of grand and buy Piatek.

  • @Misto Think you are probably right, I'm gonna deposit, but I aint buying Piatek so you can win your little game :-)

  • @Harmonica damn found out. :(

  • @Harmonica Really hope they don't drop a DB now, you'll wanna kill me, but you know it makes sense with the way the market is flying right now.

  • No - the platform doesn't need any more gimmicks. It's doing fine just as it is.

    The platform is booming. It doesn't need more encouragement to invest, everyone is doing it anyway.

    I'd much prefer a Xmas bonus where they give you a 2% bonus on your portfolio value which can only be used to purchase new shares (non withdrawable) that's the way forward 👍

  • @Misto No worries, I won't come round yours and throw stones through your windows. The market is flying and will continue to do so I'm sure. Would be annoying though to miss out on a free £200.

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