• Harry Kane price has dropped 40p in 2 weeks - based on the minor hamstring injury he had, meaning being out for a couple of weeks and then not his absolute top match sharpness in the resulting couple of come back games....and the news that he hopes to stay at spurs.....
    Market volatility is proving high and this ofcourse brings opportunities. He will almost inevitably finish with the golden boot again this season and once he starts scoring regularly again, will be there or thereabouts on PB....and inevitably right up there on MB.

    Many agree with me on this or other thoughts ?

  • His price is becoming more realistic.

  • Scores more hat-tricks in 1st class world football than anyone else, Spurs flying in the Champions League, still young, England Captain in the World Cup year and the media system used on FI is massively weighted towards English and England-based players.

    When I first got going I bought him at £5 and sold him in the trough just over the £4 mark so feeling pretty sore about that one considering the dividends he's reaped since and the obvious rise in value.

    To say his value should be lower must mean the entire top 200 is overpriced.

  • @Agatello

    Couldn't agree more. I think he's actually undervalued - as a benchmark I look for players that will get me 10% return over a year, which in Kane's case is 15 media buzz wins (assuming a 5p buzz win). That's only just over one buzz win a month, and before even considering performance buzz. He's still going to be at the top in three years and I believe it's only a matter of time before he catches Messi on the index.

  • It’s a price realinement if you see messy dropping a good part of a pound if Kane didn’t drop he would be nearly more than Messi! I’m a spurs fan and even I don’t think he’s the best in the world (yet) I think the drop is 3 factors small injury price of the top 5 dropping slightly and the standard of the group just behind like Salah! On top of this I believe FI was advertised when Man U was in the Europa League last year on telly and there’s still a few supporters who think he’s off to Manchester however he said he wants to stay at spurs several times now so there’s s P**** on the bonfire sanario here too however I don’t think anyone’s told him he’s dropped on the index yet :-)

  • But then coutinho is 5 quid and hazard is 4. I would rather have hazard.

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