Experienced traders, advice needed

  • Good evening, I havent been on this website since around 2016 were I purchased a couple players who I later sold on for a small profit and forgot about the site.
    I recently received an email from football index and I have fallen in love with the concept and also a replacement for conventional gambling. I am looking for an investment and I have bought established players. I dont want to much risk attached but Im just worried I havent got enough futures as Im on a budget. I was going to buy many futures in cheaper players but just wanted to lower the risk. I have been reading on a share split what happens at this time and also will it happen.
    I have attached a photo of my portfolio any advice is welcome. 0_1547926189780_Screenshot_20190119-212306.png

  • I'll reply fast as you have 2% batt. Solid picks, don't feel you need cheap players just to have more shares, it's not always better. The risks would be higher, but so would be the rewards if you pick a future superstar.

  • @Misto said in Experienced traders, advice needed:

    I'll reply fast as you have 2% batt.

    This actually made me lol 😂

  • @NewUser313

    Share split will happen at some point details not yet announced. A important thing to keep in mind when deciding who to invest in is never underestimate the power of mb and compounding regardless of account size. Diificult to advise directly on players as The right players for your portfolio will be based around your goals and targets. Welcome back and Good look mate.

  • @M.s.b Thanks, to be honest Im done with too much risk, I have bought higher priced players that I frequently watch and know lots about ofcourse so do many, Im looking to just top up the players I have in the near future.

  • @Misto That 2% line made me laugh, Im just going to top up the players I have have come with a quality over quantity mind frame.

  • @Sebastian ping me an email at Noirx4@hotmail.com and i will send you my data sheet. Has all player info will help you work out a strategy

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