Black Friday 24th Nov - Best Buys!!

  • One suggestion - BUY EVERYONE!! :-)

    Okay that's a bit of an overstatement, I still wouldn't buy a keeper (although if they get their own categories that might not be a bad thing for those brave enough).

    I'm coming out of retirement for this one - some serious research required so it might take a while!

  • keiran tierney at 35p is amazing value

  • Okay here we go! Whilst it's probably a no brainer to buy all outfield players I have analysed this with actual profitability over the next 3 years in mind whilst benchmarking where possible.

    As a result I've divided them up into 5 categories, from 3 Star Rockets to 0 Star Avoiders (IMO).

    3 Star
    Bakumbu - EL with Villareal, 1 goal in 3. (as I'm writing this he's currently on a GWG v Astana - 2 days late damnit!)
    Marco Benassi - Decent stats for Fiorentina, would have been a bargain at 50p so 25p is a steal!
    Semedo - Regular Barca fullback with solid Avg PPG for 35p, yeah say no more.
    Jadon Sancho - Huge English World Cup Starlet breaking into Dortmund's 1st team squads.
    Ricardo Rodriguez - Been waiting for him for months, dead ball specialist including pens for Milan (also EL). Better rate than 1 in 10, Avg PPG of 49, going to the WC with Switzerland. So glad he's come in half price.
    Yarmolenko - 1 in 4 gifted striker with Avg PPG of 38! Dortmund on course for EL, plenty in the tank sir? Luvverly!
    Phil Foden - the Golden Balls of England next generation, made his debut for City in the CL and made 19 passes at 96% pass completion in 16 mins. Knows where the net is too, if goal shy Loftus-Cheek is worth £1.50 then this boy could really fly!

    2 Star
    inigo Martinez - goal scoring defender for Sociedad, was out for a while but now getting 90mins regularly. Managed a ridiculous Avg PPG of 87!! in an EL game this season. 30p is peanuts for him.
    Luis Muriel - Currently overshadowed by Ben Yedder but still knocking them in this season for Sevilla with 46 in 178 during his career. Can definitely see 60p+ here from his starting 30.
    Calvert-Lewin - Electric and still only 20, doing the business for a struggling Everton side and a very bright future.
    Maitland-Niles - Another World Cup Starlet, Benchmarked him against Oakley-Boothe as stats are scarce, playing every minute in Arsenal's EL campaign so far with Avg PPG of 57!. Should double up to 50p at least
    Augustin - Werner's French understudy at Leipzig, only 20, 6 in 37, bright future.

    1 Star Established players
    Roussillon - Makes the grade being a decent solid defender for Montpellier and hard to ignore anyone at 20p. (not the best argument but considering the crap at 26p there must be 30% profit in him at least)
    Joao Mario - Not first choice at Inter and no Euro involvement but only 24 and 6 in 66 with Avg PPG of 45 means he's very capable, much better than most at 35p but probably needs a transfer away to get closer to £1 mark IMO.
    Robertson - When he's played in the EPL for Liverpool he's averaged 86 PPG which is scary, mild goal threat and can't play any less than Clyne! 30p very good value here.
    Giminez - Decent stats and only 22, not 100% first choice at Atleti but played full 90 in their important win v Roma. Again must go higher than 35p.
    Florenzi - 50p seems expensive compared to some in this list and Pellegrini is better value at 70p (undervalued as only just IPO'd). Should still hit 60p so gets 1* for probable 20% ROI.
    Cornet - Getting game time in EL with Lyon and only 21, 17 goals in 96 games is decent for his age. Definite bargain at 30p.
    Deulofeu - Still only 23 but feels like he's been around longer. Marginally better value than Denis Suarez IMO due to game time and Avg PPG of 30+ for a Fwd, attacking Barca player for 60p can't be ignored as he's defo capable of PB wins.
    Philipp - Creative fwd for Dortmund with 1 in 4 strike rate and only 23. EL beckons too.

    1 Star Up and Comers
    Fosu-Mensah - Decent Avg PPG and getting regular time at Palace.
    Golovin - Turning it on for EL bound CSKA, huge interest in him from the big guns. Stats of 6 in 83 and 50!! Avg PPG for a 21 yr old who works his socks off explains why.
    Tuanzebe - Utd youngster who broke into the 1st team with aplomb last year bound to get interest from the masses at 30p.
    Tierney and Roberts - Celtic pairing with very big reputations, Celtic unlucky with their CL group draw and on course for the EL so they make the grade for that and future transfers.

    0 Star Avoiders.
    Max, Martins Indi, Mallo, Haddadi, Nastasic, De Sciglio (zero goal threat and not regular enough for Juve), Hateboer, Gil, Dendoncker, Vazquez (crap stats for a midfielder and there's better value around for 50p), Maksimovic, Perez.

    Couldn't find enough info about the following youngsters Shick, Pjaca, Mor or Kovalenko (happy to be educated if any are the next wonderkid).

    William Carvalho was the elephant in the room, absolute powerhouse for Lisbon with great baseline but outside of the top leagues and somewhat goalshy. Receives perennial rumours about moves to the Prem which are yet to materialise so 50p is probably about right but I think there will be interest in him at that price.

  • @Agatello
    This is a really great post; top work!

    My only slight disagreements would be some of your 0 Star Avoiders. I think that Nastasic has everything required to come good and get a big move from Schalke. And Dendoncker has the big boys sniffing around so may get a big boost down the line; probably worthy of a 1 star 'up and comer' tag.

    But basically all these players offer value. It's what IPOs could have been! FI have played a clever hand here, holding back some of the really sought-after youngsters for a very well-pitched promotion day.

  • @Agatello thanks for the heads up

    I see that both Philipp Max and Max Philipp are on tomorrow's list - surprised FI hasn't done a 2 for the price of 1 deal. And if I buy the wrong one I want my money back!

  • @playingcards1 Cheers buddy. Just googled Dendoncker and your bang on, could even be off to United in January!!
    Nastasic does have a fantastic baseline but I noticed he's only bagged 2 in 128 so avoided him on that front, I've been brainwashed by Penny Stocks on Twitter to avoid all non-scoring defenders :-) although I was debating with another trader about Castagne's infrequent scoring and look who's bagged up against Everton! So you never can tell hey :-)

    @Dave-C Well spotted! Let's hope the Media engine can't tell them apart! Although neither will probably make the top 200 cut anyway!

  • Correction Flashscore got it wrong my man Cristante got it! Looks a great player so far in the 2nd half!

  • Are players listed in the exact order as per list?
    Are they released in batches or one by one?

  • What time zone is the guide time in please? UK here

  • Great post and a brilliant shout on Cedric Bakambu, but think it could be a bit early for Sancho and Foden to be classed as top picks. Remember the starlets Jermaine Pennant, Ravel Morrison, Franny Jeffers and that Sanchez kid at Arsenal who went on loan to Leeds.

    Mario at 35p is crazy, especially with the recent transfer links to Arsenal. Maxi Phillip at Dortmund is a fantastic prospect, the new Marco Reus with 6 goals in 10 and as for Kieran Tierney, well other than Jorginho he’s the one I’ve been waiting for. Also quite fancy a punt on Lucas Vasquez.

    Keep going with these posts. Truly appreciated 👍🏾

  • No players are usually released randomly, I've noticed 3 turn up in order from time to time but that's usually the ones I'm not interested in.

    Yes the times are in UK GMT.

    All very good points one those players, on the subject of Sancho n Foden (and others) 1 thing is definite; traders really rate the kids! Just look at Nelson, Nketiah and Oakley-Boothe... They all shot through the roof, mark my words Foden will make the biggest % jump today - midterm investors might shy away but short will go for the guaranteed flip, long will hold for obv reasons.

    Wouldn't be surprised to see the Index hit 11,000 by tomorrow

  • I guess you’re right on the kids. The recent dips in Nketiah, Onomah et al have shown that they are popular at first then dumped a few days to a week later, once the excitement fades and as for the flippers, they’ll be in their element today.

    Still Cedric B, Tierney and Maxi Phillip for me.

  • keiran tierney is a guaranteed great investment for long term investors!

    The lad is 20 and has already captained both his club and his country. All be it scotland might not be the pinical of football, it is still a huge achievement!

    he has made a name for himself with many big EPL clubs taking a strong interest in him and rightly so, he is very good at what he does and a composed talent. He will be hard to keep hold of for Celtic!

    I’d say right now he could go from .35 to .70-.85 very easily and is a good valuation. He will no doubt rise due to transfer rumours and the fact he is a hot prospect! That could see him in the .85-1.0 range. If (big if) that big transfer to the EPL happens his value could go up again easily to 1.0-1.25 and if he lives up to his reputation the sky’s the limit!

    Easy a 100% return on IPO possible in the medium term and 300% return is possible in the long term!

    I’m going in heavily on this one at 5pm!

  • How are you supposed to get near the Launch price? I've been monitoring since 10AM continually refreshing and by the time Bakambu came up his price had risen to 91 Pence from 50 Pence. There must have been a matter of seconds between launch and the price jump. Any tips on how it's possible to compete with that since there are a few others that would be great to get hold of throughout the day?

  • Bakambu started at £1.00 and Martinez started at 60p (i.e. price before theoretical 50% discount)...

  • i feel cheated

  • Same with Robertson WTF?

    And who's selling? Do some traders get pre-loaded with futures at the list price and get to dump into the market at the inflated float price?

  • If you find out any information on how to get round this problem can you post about it? I’m really interested in a couple 5pm IOP s and id really like to get close to the starting value! Thanks @NewUser101052 said in Black Friday 24th Nov - Best Buys!!:

    How are you supposed to get near the Launch price? I've been monitoring since 10AM continually refreshing and by the time Bakambu came up his price had risen to 91 Pence from 50 Pence. There must have been a matter of seconds between launch and the price jump. Any tips on how it's possible to compete with that since there are a few others that would be great to get hold of throughout the day?

  • Players aren’t being released at the price advertised-what’s going on?

  • Yep, all those I've monitored have come out at full price, regardless of what FI or the 'low' price for the day suggest.

    Perhaps FI are trolling the general 'Black Friday' theme in that none of the so called deals in the real world are actually any good?

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