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  • @Bigfella I’ve been looking, but the way Atletico play. He scores they defend. He’s never going to be a hat trick big riser. Not in my time scale

  • True, his Pb scores are crazy though.. athletico will need to go well in the champs league for u to see a decent rise in your timescale as well to be fair!
    You could do with taking a punt at which 4 teams u think will get to the semi final of the champs league/europa league, and pick out some players from them teams... thats what id do personally, but may sound crazy to others haha

  • A 4 way split - Neymar / Pogba / Messi / Vinicius. First three are safe bets (inevitable big rises post-split) and the fourth with a bit more risk but possibly more reward (should boom when starts scoring).

  • Maybe a player that has been injured during this crazy growth stage is a good investment i went for mendy on this assumption and figure he could be a similar player to kimmich in the way that he plays as long as he can stay injury free.

    Im in no way suggesting you should opt for the same player i just think this is an area to look at as prices have went up on most players as soon as the starting lineups are announced but rarely fall all the way back down but many injured players have stayed relatively untouched so will be playing catch up

  • @Black-wolf I’m already on mendy, and have a good profit. I’m think about a few more though

  • I would do liverpool,city and England players. All the title challenge buzz and champions league ect, then euro 20/20 qualifying starts in build up for the tourn amount next year.
    Something like that.

  • @Tom77 City players can struggle for PB. To many good players in one team.

  • @Misto said in Share split investment:

    @Tom77 City players can struggle for PB. To many good players in one team.

    Mb though, Jesus won the other night. City are in all the cups still.

  • @Tom77 Not saying City players can't win PB just saying it's hard to pick them. If Barca have a great game, score loadas of goals get in lots of crosses in ect you can almost guarantee Messi will have the highest PB out of the lots of them. Same can be said for PSG and Neymar. Where as with City anyone of them can be the best on any given day.

    MB yes as the cups get deeper the player still in have a better chance. However I would still say the same point stands with regards to City players. Still worth holding some anyway. I got Sane, Sterling and KDB.

    That make sense what I'm saying?

  • I know exactly what your saying, in fairness I look at it more Mb wise. Looking at the next 3 months City and Pool will be in the headlines more, the title is a 2 horse race, then add the cups and imo players from those teams have more chance of Mb.

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