A good time for an announcement...

  • After an incredible few weeks for the index I can’t help but think we’re entering a period of potential risk. The majority of the top 200 players don’t have an elegible fixture for around a week (European leagues) where as premier league based players are 8-9 days away from being back in competition due to the FA cup.

    My worry is that players will be so sold in order to invest in players playing sooner, causing loss of money right before the end of try January and putting users off. It is very evident that a lot of new traders don’t see beyond the fixtures that night.

    Example. Dembele walked off tonight and was dumped at a ridiculous rate because he may miss 1 or 2 games. People completely ignoring his huge growth potential for years to come. Concern being, people want the short term buzz similar to gambling rather than sitting back and watching. If their player isn’t playing... they don’t get the buzz.

    Where I’m going with this is...perfect time for FI to post an update. Potentially give the date of the share split to keep this growth going strong. Suddenly the hype will make the next week fly by until we can get back to enjoying some action on the pitch

    PS. If you are a new trader reading this and suddenly see some not so good days, don’t panic. The index is growing and will make you rich... 🤞🏻

    Thoughts welcomed

  • Couldn't agree more.

  • @Salmon my guess is a lot of the drop in price was due to traders putting in the sell queue, I didn't see so much selling going on as the price was tumbling.

  • Hi, I am relatively new to this but surely these periods/scenarios have occurred before?

    I am enjoying FI but I can see the panic certain news or scenarios cause players to either rise or drop. I wish people wouldn’t panic but it’s going to happen always will, The people riding it out will be the ones benefiting.

    I’m here for the long game and enjoying it

  • @Shippers read my message from just above yours mate, seen this so many times, don't think people were selling.

  • I personally have a different view. Only players in PM do not have matches in the next 8-9 days. Players in other 4 major leagues still have matches as usual. Not to mention, the transfer window deadline is approaching, there will be more speculations and rises of related players.

  • If your worried about a few days without games, just wait til the summer. Seriously though I wouldn't worry to much about it, you can lose more trying to second guess the market than like @Shippers said just ride the waves.

  • I think the typical Sunday evening/Monday drop doesnt help when trying to understand the market. Look at Rashford, scored at the weekend, media buzz today and is being talked about as an England forward for the next 10 years - yet his price has dropped off. Doesn't make sense for anyone playing long term as he is likely to double over the next 6-9 months in my opinion.

  • @GregF Very true, just zoom out on pretty much any players price graph to get some perspective.

  • Some people trade on a daily basis, others invest for longer term, it all evens itself in the long run.
    The lesson to be learnt is have a diverse portfolio to cover all eventualities.
    All your eggs in one basket etc.

  • Agreed with all here. I had ridiculuos growth over last week, where most of the top 10 gainers were in my portfolio - since yesterday I've been in the red, with some of the biggest droppers in my portfolio too. But it is just a price adjustment after too big gains last week, and overall I'm well up. Its just about being patient and surfing the waves.

  • @kristiang85 amen to that, I've had lots of my players dip today for various reasons I reckon, but am in a healthy place especially with the Share Split to come whenever it does.

  • @Leo-G considering the amount it's risen recently I'm very surprised how little it's dropped, it's always been a drop after the weekend's games since i joined.

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