Match day dividends

  • Good morning,

    I am new to football index and have done a little bit of reading before diving in head first. From what I have read the most important bit of advise is to be patient, so I am sticking to that philosophy. I have started off with a number of signings and still in the green so far. One question I can’t seem to find the answer to is the dividends rewards for match days.

    (Q) Do you have to have the player who is 1st in the match day dividends by a certain time to receive the reward?

    I ask because I bought 1 Danilo yesterday for testing purposes and he is the best defender but not received any rewards.

    Any help is appreciated.


  • @Harold007 Yes, you need to have bought before 2pm to receive the Performance Buzz payout (or Media buzz), however the Goal / Assist / Clean sheet payouts you will receive if you buy before midnight - this is typically paid out every Wednesday, so hold on tight as you'll have another 3p (defender goal) coming :-)

  • Great thanks for your quick response , if I was to sell him now would I still receive the rewards (3p)?

  • @Harold007 Yes, you need to hold before midnight and can sell after midnight in regards to IPD.

  • @Harold007 Yes, you can sell straight after midnight and still get G&A // CS payouts. For MB + PB you're safer to wait until paid (usually around 1am)

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