New Trader - Taking Tactics

  • Hi All,

    Into my second week on Football index now. First week went well as i followed the transfer news and made dividends, both on media and performance. Also saw some growth in my players (All young prospects like Rice, Che Adams ect. However i only invested £150 and i have between 2-5 futures in a number of players and it just doesn't seem enough. I got burnt with Hudson-Odio and Kane and took a couple of pounds losses, but my portofolio is up £9 in value.

    However i have 2 issues -

    1. Should i been trading regularly and chopping and changing my portfolio on a daily basis ready for the match days? Or, should i sit back for the long run and hope for rises over time.

    2. Either way, holding a couple of shares in a player and only seeing increases of pennies doesn't seem enough for me. Should my portofolio be more streamlined? More futures in less players? Am I too thinly spread by having 2-5 futures over 12-15 players?

    Those are my personal issues for you to comment on ,and secondly general questions for you traders:

    1. Do you favor high number of futures in little quantity of players?
      Do you have a thinly spread portfolio with many players, and a small holding in each?
    2. Do you trade daily looking for 'Quick wins' and Flips?
    3. Or do you hold tight, invest heavy in promising players and watch them rise over months, buying more futures in them as they grow?
    4. If you have a budget of say £60, do you prefer to buy 3 Neymar's at premium price (For the dividends and safe hold in value) or would you rather 20 Serge Gnabry's and gamble of big profits in price rises? Is it important to just have a mix of both?

    Really appreciate all of your input and thoughts on this! I love football, and having a platform to put my knowledge to good use and see tangible returns from footballers performance is wonderful.

    BUT i still need to know a clear strategy and how to maximise this platform and get the most out of it, both in satisfaction and financial returns.

    Thank you!

  • @NewUser235399 There's no right or wrong answer to this and I imagine you'll get all kinds of responses. Very generally speaking, diversification is always a good idea, as it leaves you less exposed to crashes in any particular area. To keep your risk down, I wouldn't recommend having more than 10 to 12% of your total budget in any one player. Others might recommend a different threshold, but I think most would agree with the basic point.

    You'll have to work out what strategy is best for you over time. There is money to be made in "flipping", but it takes a certain skillset, mentality and ability to be online at the right times. Generally speaking, longer-term holding (by which I mean months rather than days/minutes) is a safer option, as long as your initial picks are reasonably logical (e.g. patience is good, but if you buy someone who's price is currently inflated purely due to January transfer rumours, don't expect them to have increased a great deal by April if the move doesn't happen!).

  • Everybody's strategy will be different dependent on how much there investing, there personal attitude to risk, how patient they can be and if they are here for the quick fix gamble or to build value over the medium to long term.

    Therefore you need to think where you want to be in 12 months and are here just for fun?

    If you spent the £150 in just a couple of shares each in the big boys and did nothing for a year it would likely double.

    If you want more action for your money you will be trading more so the risk increases and it would be more like gambling.

    If you plan to continue adding to your portfolio I would suggest investing circa 80% in long term quality holds and use the other 20% to trade on a more frequent basis.

    The bottom line is you need to explain what you want from the platform before we can really guide you.

    Good luck and please ask away as many traders will help.

  • I’m just like you - I started with a small deposit. The easiest way of making profit would be to just dump everything on Neymar and wait - but that would be pretty boring...

    Remember - FI isn’t just about making money. It should be fun too.

    Personally, I’d buy 1-2 shares in as many well selected players as you can. Go for a mix of dividend returners and capital growers. Then just gradually reinvest the little divs you get. You need patience but it will grow nicely over time.

  • If you spent £40 on neymar for two shares and £35 for 2 pogbas, when share split happens they will be massively piled into, i think their post split prices will double quickly and if you sold them when they did you would have made around £ 75 profit. Just one way to think, above comments have been excellent advice too on the long term

  • @Jon-G can I just ask why you decided to take a loss on the 25 year old England captain (Harry Kane) who has scored 30 goals a season for the past 3 years and will be back in March?

    I'm assuming because you are a new trader, you were not worried about the 3 year lease on the share expiring? 🤔

    Equally perplexed on why you decided to take a loss on CHO?

    Just trying to get into your mindset - not criticising.

  • I think that a diverse portfolio across a number of players is the way forward. Maybe mixing up long term holds, short term potential money makers and then dividend winners. Also include different leagues in different countries.

    What I would say is that when I joined the index I took advantage of a £500 risk free offer and maximised this knowing I couldn’t lose for the first 30 days. I loved the platform and concept straight away but coming from a gambling background (daily football bets/ accas/ FGS combos etc) it was very clear that my enjoyment wasn’t going to last if I only had say 5-10 futures in one player. An outstanding day on the index would see me making £10. Yes I appreciate that 2% ROI in a day is huge compared to money in a bank account but ultimately it was only £10.

    I quickly decided after hours and hours of reading both on and outside of this forum that the index is a huge opportunity and streamlining my traditional gambling habits would mean I could quickly increase my investment and therefore number of shares/ futures in each player.

    I now have 25, 50 and 100 shares in most players meaning good days now feel like winning my bet with a traditional book maker. For example. On Saturday my portfolio grew £225 with £18 in G+A dividends. Importantly, if my big hitters hadn’t had such a good day...then my money wasn’t lost. It would just roll on to when things did go well.

    My logic now is that a platform of this nature is going to eventually replace fixed odds gambling as we know it. As you are already here you are potentially on the right side of a very lucrative product. If you believe in it enough to invest, football is your passion and you’re prepared to stick it out through good and bad then try to get a few pounds in when you can. It’s taken me a few months to get here but I devised a strategy and currently implementing it. You’ll be amazed how quickly your futures build, especially when reinvesting dividends.

    Finally. Don’t be afraid to get things wrong. Swallow some hits while you learn but don’t doubt your gut feelings.

    Yes this is a gamble in many ways, but also a good opporntity to combine your passion and knowledge with making some money

    Good luck trading and enjoy the ride

  • @Salmon when you say potential short term money makers, do you mean players that have a decent run of fixtures and could potentially rise considering they perform well?

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  • It's an interesting strategy and one I'll be keeping my eyes on how players can rise with a good run of fixtures. Realistically if a players has 3 out of 4 good games, 3/4 goals, how much likely can you see someone rise?

    Looking at it this weekend I saw rises of about 20/30p per future on players therefore pretty well. As I am new, it's something I'm trying to get to grips with.

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  • Rashford rise is due to a lot of curcumstances, he has been boiling up for a rise, England striker, 21 at united, now scoring under a new manager, the future of united and England ( or one of a few) so that’s expected.

    Goals and assist.

    Vardy is a great example, he hovers at around a £1 or just over, you could hold him for 30 days just for goals and assist, during that time he might get 3 goals, over the month he goes from £1-£1.30 at any point - to see the £1.30 you have to be glued to FI and FlashScore ( to see when goals go in).
    After the 30 days you can’t get goals and assist so you want to sell, just wait for a Leicester game and hope vardy score, then put him in sell queue, you will have made a decent profit, there are loads of players like this if you have the time.

    In all honesty you just need to ‘play and mess around for a few months to get to grips with it all’.

  • @Jon-G i think you need to consider whether this is for you and if you have the right expectations. You say you are up £9 on £150 in 2 weeks. That is a 6% return in 6 weeks. By any measure that is an amazing return on an investment. People invest millions in property to achieve that in a year.

    I'm sorry if this seems harsh but the number one reason people lose money here is they get over hyped expectations and start trying to force unrealistic growth and then lose out.

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  • @Ballertrader thanks, I agree. Yeah I guess the way my mind works find it hard to spend £20 on 1 share when I could get multiple shares for the same budget!

    Although everyone has a price for a reason right and I guess the pros in someone like neymar is they are unlikely to decrease in price and you get the dividend potential.

    My interest is certainly in capital growers, getting a big ROI over time on the next big talents! I’m patient, but not that patient so will need some top 20 players as well to balance it out

  • @Finlay77 seeing neymar hit £20 today and Pogba pass £18 as well makes this point relevant! Seems a lot for one share, but defi getting FOMO at this stage!! My worry is (as always) is if I have missed the trend, I have brought a few players at their peak and suffered quick price falls. Guess my question to you is how immune are Neymar / Pogba to price falls, is it a case that “the only way is up” ?

    Similar with Rashford I wanted shares from the beginning but he was like £7-8 when I joined. Now he’s flying and I feel like damn have I missed out on all the profit, will it slow down now etc. Or do I just jump on now and not have Sané regrets!? Decisions!

  • @Ericali haha when you put it like that making me doubt myself now!

    Well yeah being new is one factor, also with both of these I sort of missed the initial rises, brought them both a peak price and then saw declines almost straight again. So I panicked and sold.

    Brought Kane on Sunday hours before the injury, I expected a huge drop because of that, but it steadied quick enough at a decent price.

    All part of the learning I guess. I am glad I have made those mistakes and losses can only better me as a trader and be useful for the future decisions.

    What is the usual price impact to injuries on the game. And what is the typical market reaction

  • @Jon-G no one is immune from drops. Pogba dropped alot and people panicked but he was always going up. Regardless of any drops if you bought, share split takes them down to 4.50-5.00 a share. Mark my words, they will double that quite quickly. Not hours or days, but it will be quick. Im not ashamed to say i got top players purely to sell to market the second they double their post share split price. I know they are the top dogs but they will be the ones who double the quickest. All profits then to rest of the pb index because they will grow massively over 9 months at dirt cheap prices. Isnt toi late. Even owning a couple will get you double money

  • @Jon-G said in New Trader - Taking Tactics:

    @Ericali haha when you put it like that making me doubt myself now!

    Well yeah being new is one factor, also with both of these I sort of missed the initial rises, brought them both a peak price and then saw declines almost straight again. So I panicked and sold.

    Brought Kane on Sunday hours before the injury, I expected a huge drop because of that, but it steadied quick enough at a decent price.

    All part of the learning I guess. I am glad I have made those mistakes and losses can only better me as a trader and be useful for the future decisions.

    What is the usual price impact to injuries on the game. And what is the typical market reaction

    There is no complicated formula, if a player gets injured his price drops (just as you would expect) likewise when a player is coming back to fitness his price rises.

    It's important to remember even if your player is showing at a loss, you actually don't physically lose your money to you actually SELL at the loss.

    There was nothing wrong with your picks - I would have just sat it out & waited for the inevitable rise.

    You may have bought at what you thought was at their peak, but it's a growing platform & none of the top players have reached their ceiling unless they are virtually close to hanging up their boots or heading out to China.

  • @Finlay77 I hear you, sounds like the perfect time to be signing up, pre the share split. I heard they done this once before, where you on the index then ? How did it go down?

    Also, do we have any idea when the date with be for the Split, i heard maybe early march but wonder if anything is confirmed? I am tempted to make a deposit and get on Neymar and Pogba now, the more i think about it!

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