Instant Sell Suspended

  • I've read about Instant Sell being suspended during times of high volatility trading - but I still can't sell a player who has been in my Portfolio for a few days now...

    Anyone else having similar issues?

  • If it was a player recently IPO'd it's suspended to stop the quick flip. Not sure how long for but I had a player who I couldn't instant sell for around a week. Try putting him up for sale to the market and hopefully you'll get lucky.

  • As always everything stacked in FI favour. Can’t sell a player. Ridiculous. I’m quickly losing all faith in FI. For more reasons than this

  • @minddrifters this is actually designed to protect buy and hold 'investors' from people trying to make a quick buck on new IPOs. Plus FI get 2% when you sell regardless, so it wouldn't bother them if you instant sold or sold to the market. But certainly the platform is not perfect so I'd suggest using the feedback section to air other issues.

  • It will be a new IPO for sure.

    To be fair to FI, they specifically stated that this was going to be the case and to ONLY buy new players you really feel are good value in the long term. In other words flip at your own risk.

    I've got stuck with some pointless buys myself but don't think i have any right to complain about it. Rough with the smooth n all that.

    Bottom line is - if you didn't think they were worth keeping for a week then you shouldn't have bought them. (Applies to myself too so a completely neutral opinion)

  • Some very valid points. The problem I have with this, is not that the player isn't good - instead, it is that given the significant price fluctuations in other players IPO'd after, the player I am trying to sell is now 'over priced' (in my opinion) versus when i bought him.

    Been sat in a selling queue for a few days now... so without visibility of the order book data - I'm just waiting...

    Don't suppose there is L2 data for FI yet?!

  • @NewUser78072 can you sell to market?i seem too only have the instant sell option?

  • @Agatello agree doubt many people will flip a profit on Phil Foden on those who bought early

  • @NewUser101688 are you sure it's not the other way round? If not that is a new one for me

  • @NewUser101688 if you click on sell does it not bring up 2 options to 'join sell queue' or 'instant sell'? Join sell queue means to sell to the market (apologies if not clear)

  • @Jay-Frazz if he's good then trust your research, he only needs to post one good PB score and there'll be demand. But agree with the mayhem of yesterday there are some strange prices out there, some great value buys and some cash traps. I had Foden down as worth 60p so when my computer unfroze and he was already over £1 I moved onto my next target, hopefully he'll continue his development and people will get there investment back but I think for £1.30+ he's a 2-3yr investment now.

  • @Agatello
    But a player can drop because of injury for example. If players can’t be flipped why are their values still falling? If we can’t sell a player and basically find ourselves locked out of that, then similarly their value should be locked in too. This isn’t the case

  • @minddrifters as soon as you put a player up for sale to the market it devalues that player, for example when I've put 100 of a cheap player up for sale to the market his price has dropped immediately, I cancel it and his price goes back up, put 20-30 of him up for sale his price is unaffected. So if instant sell isn't available and the price is dropping it means a lot of people are looking to cash out there gains, on the plus side it makes the player more attractive for buyers and makes it easier to sell to the market (in theory) and rarely I've been lucky enough to be far enough down the sell order that I've sold the player for a higher amount than when i originally put him up for sale.

  • @NewUser78072 - Yes, i had him on sell to the market, but i guess there are no buyers to take him?!

  • @Jay-Frazz it's the challenge with there being so many new players to buy each day, but as mentioned if your research is good then wait for a good performance score, otherwise it's just keep checking for when they release the instant sell on him.

  • I keep checking every 5 mins to try and flip my Fodens, been in que to sell since 6.30pm on Friday!

  • @NewUser49172 said in Instant Sell Suspended:

    I keep checking every 5 mins to try and flip my Fodens, been in que to sell since 6.30pm on Friday!

    When you unqueue them you lose your place in the queue, if you're dealing in 100's for example my advice is to leave 99 queued and 1 holding so you can try and instant sell that. Then you can unqueue and IS the rest.

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