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  • Hi guys,

    I am pretty new to this and had a little dabble about a year ago. Going to come back but I am researching before jumping in feet first.

    I have a few questions:

    1. What happens if you invest in a young kid for the future and he goes out on loan to a smaller team or a league outside of the big European leagues? Can they still get dividends?

    2. What causes a player to drop out of the market. If you invest in a player who drops out but then returns when he is older and more experienced do you get your players back?

    3. I am still not certain on the difference between top 200 and the squad. Can they all win dividends?

    I basically have some young lads I would like to invest in that I am confident will go far, their 1st team games are restricted at the moment or they play in alternate leagues. I am worried that the young lads will drop out of the market due to 1st team appearances but will then return. At the same time I am aware that 1 great performance could boost them similar to that of Phil Foden (more than 1 but you get the point).


  • Players won’t leave the market unless they retire (or die as in the really sad case of Davide Astori). There’s an argument that all the useless Peruvians and Iranians that were added purely for for World Cup should be removed as they’re purely used for pump and dump right now, but no indication that this will happen.

    Only the top 200 can win media dividends. Appreciate that you’re new but this is set out in the game rules which you really should be reading before putting money in!

    Young players on loan: who knows?! It could go either way and that’s part of the game. Mostly they tend to rise with more gametime.

  • @NewUser91987 Hi mate hopefully I can help..

    1 - if someone goes out on loan you still own the futures, if its out of the top 5 leagues (prem, serie A, La liga, bundesliga, ligue 1) you cant win PB but they can still increase in value whilst they're away (see Tammy abraham as an example)

    2 - players can no longer drop out of the market - that was an old rule for when there were only 200 players, the only threat now is if they retire or pass away

    3 - top 200 is the top 200 in price order (these can win media dividends) the squad is the rest, at midnight players can be 'promoted or relegated' from the list

    hope this helps, any other questions just shout up and someone will be able to help!

  • Perfect, both of you helped greatly.

    I read the t&cs but was also looking at old rules from when I first looked. It is great that players no longer drop out unless they stop playing the game. This will help me sleep at night.

    Thanks again.

  • I’m interested to learn who you’re tipping to get a rise like Foden?

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