NEW TRADER - Help needed!

  • Can someone tell me where i'm going wrong. This is my first week and only invested a small £50 deposit. I know its not an overnight money maker and will take time especially starting small but i already seem to be down on money.
    I have invested in what I thought some okay players but even though performed well money has still dropped ? Why is this please?
    Here's a few of my players so please tell me if they were wrong decisions:

    Harvey Barnes - had a good game at the weekend - but still dropped by £0.14

    David Brooks - also had a good game at the weekend - but still dropped by £0.19

    Mattia Perin - someone gave me a tip yesterday to put him in as Juventus were going to start him, he started and kept a clean sheet but price still gone down by £0.10

    Kiko Casilla - dropped by £0.08

    Michy Batshuayi - dropped by £0.12

    Just need a bit of guidance on how to start building upwards rather than already taking a step backwards?

    I hear all these people making plenty of money over a year or so but surely its not all luck? Thanks!

  • @NewUser249258 I'll let someone else explain more deeply, but it seems you've jumped on most of these players after they'd already risen, plus nobody really puts money into goalkeepers or cheap defenders, you need to go to a thread and ask what drives price rises mate, we all start roughly mate, big learning curve coming your way, don't give up, good luck.

    Ps don't fill up to you've learnt more 💪🏻

  • @NewUser249258: 1. Keep calm, 2. Look at the player value in the long-term when buying and 3. Do not worry about short-term fluctuation.

    Bonus: None of your players got the PB, so price drop after a match-day is normal.

  • @NewUser249258

    Part of your mistake is the short-term logic. “Had a good game at the weekend / started for Juventus” isn’t enough for FI. (In particular the Perin tip was a bad one. The dividends for a clean sheet are so small that if you’re being tipped to buy then it’s so the “tipper” can dump out all their shares for a profit; they’re not hanging on a for a single 2p dividend).

    You ideally need players that have a good game every weekend, or are in phenomenal form for short term trading.

    Also as explained above, you’re buying at the top of the hype curve. At this point it’s too late because others will then start to cash out their profits. Try looking at players that have declined recently and see if you can spot any that now look too cheap and/or have some favourable reasons to buy.

    Football Index requires a really long-term, strategic mindset, which can be a challenge for new users. As you get more experienced you’ll spot the opportunities for quicker, short-term trading - I.e. be the person selling Perin for 10p profit rather than holding him at a 10p loss!

  • @playingcards1 said in NEW TRADER - Help needed!:

    You ideally need players that have a good game every weekend

    sadly this doesn't exist. but what PC1 says is correct - try and get into a more long-term mindset, even though the market can have some relatively sharp swings in the short-term.

    whenever you enter the market - and there's a lot of new users this month - then you'll be buying players that have a number of factors underpinning their value at that given moment. these can be really confusing and seemingly counter-intuitive for any new trader (and many older ones!) FI just often isn't as simple as something happening on the pitch (goal. PB score etc) and price goes up/down X amount - it really depends on multiple factors.

    stick with it and you'll begin to make more sense of how the market operates - what floats other traders' boat. keep treading water, and don't panic. part of the charm of the Index is that it has many, many layers to it. just try and get into that " long-term, strategic mindset" @playingcards1 describes, and enjoy.

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